St Andrews’ Day Celebrations Preview

The St Andrews Ball is just a few days away but the celebration doesn’t end on Friday. In fact, the ball, put on by the Fellowship of St Andrews, kicks off an entire weekend of festivities that celebrate our town. Annie Newman sat down with us to chat about the Fellowship’s involvement and the exciting events coming up.

What is the St Andrews Day Weekend?

St Andrews’ Day is Scotland’s national day and for us it’s a big community effort, sponsored and put on by the Fellowship of St Andrews and the Partnership of St Andrews.

What events should we be looking forward to most?

The biggest event is the St Andrews Food and Drink Festival, which has been on since November 21st. The festival has offers from a lot of local establishments including a Jannetta’s Gelata Demo, a different burger each day from BlackHorn, and a Great Dessert pairing from the Adamson.

Previously…, the biggest history festival in Scotland, will be ending this year in our town in honor of St Andrews day. They’ll be holding a mini conference on November 28th and a Walking Tour, Writing Workshop and Illustrated Lecture on the 29th.

There’s also Local Landmarks Open Day. The R&A Clubhouse, St Andrews Cathedral, St Andrews Castle, R&A and the Masonic Lodge are all open Free of Charge on the 30th.

St Andrews Day opens with the St Andrews vs Rest of the World Golf Match on the New Course. Reserve your space here!


What does the afternoon of St Andrews’ Day look like? 

The biggest part of the day happens from 2-6pm on South Street. Eddi Reader is headlining and there will be a food fayre, fun ground and street theatre.

The Partnership of St Andrews has also organized a festive lights switch on at 5:45pm and at 6:30 the Dancing Feet ceilidh band takes the stage.

(Click here for the whole schedule!)

So, where is the Fellowship involved?

We take a lead role in getting student volunteers for the weekend.

We also organize the Ceilidh, which has been moved to South Street this year for increased capacity.


What does St Andrews’ Day mean to the Fellowship?

We’re really lucky to have the opportunity to work closely with the town throughout the year and this weekend ties together everything that we pride ourselves on: communicating with the town, acting as a conduit for student societies and celebrating the town we live in.

The opportunity to do the St Andrews Day ball also helps to make the whole weekend possible. People can revel in how amazing St Andrews is all while supporting the town. (Fun Fact: Did you know that the ball funds the St Andrews’ Day ceilidh?)


Photos courtesy of The Fellowship of St Andrews Facebook page.