Starfields 2015: Reviewed

This was the third year FS put on its musical event, Starfields. The music festival vibe has only gotten better with the years, and so has the music. This year headliners included Klingande and was an absolute favorite with everyone who attended. The festival has grown bigger since I was Fresher two years ago, but bigger is not always better: Lower College Lawn was far too cramped to accommodate everyone comfortably.


Although my friends labeled everything in my closet “too art gallery opening”, I pampered myself with glitter to embrace the festival environment. It took a while for Starfields to pick up at the beginning, but it was nice to get there early to enjoy a cheap union bar drink and chill on the bean bags that were laid out on the grass. It fit well with the theme, but also practical solution for those who don’t necessarily want to dance for six hours straight. Hoping to see the same next year!

As you walked in through the quad there were tents selling flower crowns and offering face painting. Down to Lower College Lawn there were food trucks and a very long bar. Though the bar was long, it was perhaps a little understaffed as you easily wasted half an hour of your night waiting to buy a drink. Beside the end of the bar you could find a massive tent opening up to the public where the stage and dance area was.


This was one of the events where I actually found myself liking almost all of the music. I appreciated the effort FS went to to get quality DJ’s. It ensured it was a good night and that I could dance for as long as I wanted! My two favourite acts were Alex Adair, and obviously Klingande. Everyone recognised the French DJ from the promo videos FS released during the summer. He was the last act to go on, and he saved the best, Jubel for last. It definitely gave a good ending to an already great night!


My only criticism of the event was the chaotic amount of people that attended. In my first year it was a lot smaller, and felt relaxed. This year however, with the amount of tickets sold it was just too cramped! I remember asking myself how many people can fit on Lower College Lawn, and I guessed right; not too many! The 9pm re-entry cut off ended in a stampede, and I couldn’t even stand on two feet queuing for the bathroom. It also affected the dancing area, where drunk and non-drunk people could not help but step on each others feet or accidentally elbow short people (me!) in the head while trying to dance.

However, despite the fact that the event was overcrowded, I would still call the night a success. I know that I will want to attend again next year!

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