Starfields 2018: Reviewed

As some friends and I paraded down Market Street on Saturday afternoon armed with Smirnoff Ice and besprinkled with glitter, two students passing by took one look at us and declared aloud, “Starfields is today.” While St Andrews is known for its events that call for some of the most adventurous outfits you’ve ever seen at a university gathering, Starfields is probably the one of the most notorious. A signalling wave goodbye to the summer holiday and the last hurrah before Freshers’ Week ends, Starfields is the crowning jewel in a week of revelry and welcome celebrations.

Credit: Amanda Levinson.

2018’s festival was no different from years past—an illustrious headliner, house music standard Gorgon City, and supporting acts such as the university’s own student musician JQuow wowed the crowd (forgive me for this rhyme but it was too easy not to) with their tunes as the sun went down. The weather was not as summery as some of the fashions sported on Lower College Lawn, but as we all know Scotland is Scotland so everyone made do when it started to sprinkle a bit. Apart from the music tent and stage there was an array of food vendors and booths, including town favourite Blackhorn—for which the queue was as long as 30 minutes at some points in the evening. Starfields in the past few years has had a reputation for ridiculously long queues for food, drinks and the toilets, but this year everything seemed manageable—or maybe I was just the right amount of drunk to not notice. Either way, the event on the whole went by without any major incidents, which after the FS wind fiasco of 2017 was probably a huge relief to the incredibly hard-working committee.

Credit: Harry Gunning for Ampersand Media.

The best part of Starfields, other than the ball pit, is the wide array of ensembles that are worn by attendees. Some students opted for a more basic look while others dove headfirst into a pile of body glitter and rainbow clothing. One of my favourite outfits of the event was this gentleman’s orange felt bucket hat and floral kimono combo, elements that evoked the image of someone’s granny on acid—in the BEST WAY.

If you are new to St Andrews and this was your first taste of what FS is capable of, you are in for a treat come February. What you can pull away from this year’s Starfields is that FS knows how to throw a damn good party, and that no one goes all out for events like St Andrews students. While I honestly do not remember the majority of my time at Starfields (as I’m sure to which many of you can relate) the flashes of sound and light that perforate my memory paint a picture of a great night out dancing in a crowd of my peers. As a fourth year, this shows signs of a great year to come—I hope you are all on the edge of your seats, because it can only go up from here.

Feature image by Harry Gunning for Ampersand Media. All images credited in captions.

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