The Kilt

I thought long and hard about whether to address this item of clothing for this week’s trend watch. However, I can’t deny it any longer – I have succumbed to the wiles of the kilt.

Like many other St. Andrews students, I am well aware of the controversy surrounding this poor skirt. With memories of school kilts still vivid, and the dilemma of working a kilt in Scotland, home of the kilt, I can understand why you might shy away from it.

However I feel this little skirt has been done an injustice, once you banish the horrors of looking like an Enid Blyton school girl, it will quickly become your favourite skirt this winter, (and trust me in the urban outfitters organza kilt, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is a school skirt).

Urban outfitters: Little White Lies Rizzo Kilt Skirt

Its cut is surprisingly flattering cut, sitting high on the waist and flaring out slightly at the back and sides, whilst smoothing your tummy down at the front.

Zara: Combination Skirt

Believe it or not, one of this skirt’s biggest assets is the memory it conjures up of school. When styling your red check Topshop kilt remember the days of rebelling against uniform regulations, pairing your skirt with bare legs, mannish shoes and chunky jewellery, channelling your inner Viviene Westwood. Or, if you’re feeling the cold, pull on your thick tights and favourite sweatshirt for a more preppy look.

Topshop: Red Check Spliced Skirt

Whether you pair this skirt with sky-high heels for a night out or a cosy jumper for a trip to North Point, the kilt is comfy and versatile and, as long as you wear it with suitable Scottish pride, it will become your new best friend.