The Live Lounge @ Rectors Cafe

The Live Lounge is the latest offering from the Music is Love and Star Radio collaboration. Broadcast from Rectors on Thursday evenings, offering a unique platform to showcase the wealth of talent in St. Andrews. The Live Lounge has been an idea long in the making; we spoke to Amy Hill, the Live Lounge’s presenter to find out more.

live lounge

Hey, so you’re the face, well voice of the Live Lounge, can you tell us a little more about how this collaboration between Music is Love and Star came about?

The Live Lounge was an idea that has slowly been building over the last couple of years. St. Andrews is full of talented musicians, and Music is Love has been keen to showcase this. Through the Star collaboration, musicians have the opportunity to play in a relaxed environment, whilst celebrating their music.

So, the Live Lounges are held in Rectors café at 6.30pm, what made you opt out of the usual studio setting for the Live Lounges?

 We wanted people to be able to not only hear the music live over the radio show, but to also stop by, have a coffee, relax and listen. Recording in Rectors gives a chilled vibe to the show that we hope comes across when you listen in. We wanted to create an environment that wasn’t intimidating for the audience and performer. Anyone can stop by – Live Lounge is simply a time to sit down and enjoy some really good music.

How do you scout out new talent for the show?

The Music is Love open mics were the most natural way to uncover new musicians. They’re held fortnightly on Wednesdays at the Byre, and will start again on the 16th September. The open mics had a great atmosphere last year, they created the perfect space for musicians to get some performing experience and to test out new material. And absolutely anyone can sign up to perform.

Last year, on the Live Lounge we heard from yourself and Josh Fuchs, both of you are known for writing your own material. Is this something you look for when finding new performers to feature?

 Definitely, it’s great when you find someone who’s able to perform their own material but covers can also be super cool too, especially when there’s some imagination put behind them. The Live Lounge is a great time for the musicians to introduce their material to a wider audience. You really get to know artists better when they perform live, and especially when they play original songs; the emotion is more raw and personal, and it would be great if we could create a platform where musicians feel comfortable doing this.

So over the next semester what new musical gems will the Live Lounge uncover?

 We have three performers lined up for Thursday. First off is Cat Lamb, a regular at the open mics with a voice that has been described as a warm fire. Then we have Chris Andrews, a seriously amazing guitarist, who plays a lot of his own stuff and just generally sounds great. Finally we’ll have The Breeze performing, a blues/folk duo made up of Sam Burbank and David Dargahi. If you haven’t seen them play yet then you must have been walking around with your eyes/ears shut: they’re just brilliant. We’ve yet to decide who’ll be playing at our next Live Lounge, but we’ve definitely got a few gems up the MiL/ STAR sleeve!

The Live Lounge starts today at 6.30pm, listen in on the Star website or drop by Rectors café to see it in action.