The Newest Night to Get Ünder

Pigeons and Peacocks, the new Under Canvas night dedicated to spicing up the nightlife in St. Andrews, is returning… This Tuesday won’t be my first ‘roll in the hay’ with Pigeons and Peacocks; our love affair began the Friday before Halloween…

I hadn’t been looking for a big night out, Halloween was around the corner and I was prepping myself for the inevitable madness that it brings. However, just as I was strolling down Market Street a growing crowd outside Mitchells, a baffling red glow and what looked like pink feathers shining through the window grabbed my attention. From that moment I was as lost a cause as Lucy walking through the wardrobe into Narnia.

What awaited me on the other side of that door felt a world a way from the traditional Friday nightlife of St. Andrews. Mitchells had been transformed into a bar that wouldn’t have been out of place on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg. The DJ’s, Reckless Kettle, were the focal point; a cosy dance floor had been established in front of them, with tables circling it. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced  a night out where I’ve not felt the need to immediately get extortionately drunk in order to feel comfortable enough to throw the most embarrassing moves known to man on the dance floor. See, Pigeons and Peacocks knows how to treat a lady: Under Canvas made anyone and everyone who walked through the door feel at ease. The intimate space allowed for me and my friend to slowly meander around, grab a drink, sit down at a table and mingle with other students who had been lured in.

Under Canvas had created the ideal bar: deli drunk food was on offer, feeding the peckish with parmesan chips and haggis balls (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it). Personally I got very distracted by the ‘cult visuals’, computer screens dotted about, playing Harry Potter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The mellow tunes bubbling in the background, beckoned me and my friends through our first pitcher of Woo Woo (Peach Schnapps, Vodka, Cranberry), till are feet were starting to itch, and the dance floor looked increasingly appealing.

The DJ’s set had been craftily put together, slowly building as the venue filled up and the drinks started to flow. By the time I took to the floor the Reckless Kettle’s combination of funk and house beats were in full flow. What had been a planned early night, turned into 2 am, and 2 am came too soon, but the last Nina Simone track promised of great nights to come.

I can assure you that this Tuesday I will be in Mitchell’s, suited and booted ready to continue what I hope will be an on going romance.