The St Andrews Bucket List

This week the Informer has been asking: what’s on your Bubble Bucket List? We all know the traditional activities to participate in: avoiding the PH; braving the May Dip; finding your academic family; doing the Pier Walk in a gown and running along West Sands Chariots of Fire style. 

Nevertheless, with the help of jaded fourth years and keen freshers alike, I've collected a few of the more obscure things you simply must do before leaving St Andrews… 
 Visit the astronomy towers by the playing fields to catch a glimpse of the fabled Northern Lights 
 Reclaim an abandoned space and host a rave 
 Discover the Principal’s Balcony: go through the Principals garden and round to the left until you come to a balcony, jutting out over the cliffs, with a stunning view 
 Watch a sunrise from the Pier… and do the Pier Jump when the tide comes in if you’re brave enough
 Have a beach bonfire complete with musical instruments and warming beverages 
 Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Canadian or an American 
 Spend a sunny afternoon in the Botanic Garden (or a cold one in their greenhouses) 

 Climb St Rule’s Tower in the Cathedral grounds 
 Get papped with a celebrity from the Dunhill for the Daily Mail 
 Attend an Officer’s Mess party in Arboath for a night to remember
 Kick off your May Dip celebrations with the Gaudie, and maybe actually learn the words of the Gaudeamus 

 Take a Tuesday off during exam period for a half-price spa day at the Fairmont 
 Begin the festive period with the annual Christmas Carol Concert in Holy Trinity Church 

 Walk all the way through Ladebraes Footpath during bluebell season 

Peruse the second hand book stall by the Market Street fountain on Saturday afternoons

Bike through Leuchars to Tentsmuir Forest across the water to wander through pine trees and fall asleep in sand dunes
Walk the Fife Coastal Path, starting at East Sands, and discover fishing villages like Crail, Anstruther and Pittenweem
As for me?
I remember a not particularly important warm Spring night in my first year. A bunch of us made dinner and sat down to eat together in someone’s room in Univerity Hall Old Wing. Afterwards we all set off on bikes for a ‘quiet’ drink in the Union, but somewhere along the way the boys spontaneously changed direction and we followed them off into the dark saltiness of the road behind West Sands. Fast forward thirty minutes or so later and we’re talking to the police, who’ve been attracted by bike lights flickering in the dune grasses, trying to convince them that Yes, we were skinny dipping and running around on an empty beach stone cold sober. 
That’s the kind of memory I hope to be making more of in my final year in this strange little town. 
With thanks to Elspeth, Bee, James, Emma, Claire, Laura, Sarah, Hannah, Angela and Lucy
Images courtesy of Andrei Zveaghintev, Azurita, David Woods, Jean Morrison, Valua Vitaly, Liviu Lonut Pantelimon, Adam Edwards, and James Thew. Font by Spade. Compiled and edited by Kerri Pandjaitan.