Trend Watch: From the Catwalk to St Andrews

Folk and Fairy Tale

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Top Left to Bottom: Urban Outfitters, Beyond Retro, MissguidedUrban Outfitters

The folk and fairy tale look is possibly the perfect trend for St Andrews. By day it’s flowery print vintage jumpers paired with floaty crumpled dresses. Think sleeping beauty singing to the birds and you’ll have it spot on. However by night this trend takes on a magical transformation, whether you opt for the virginal heroine in floaty white antique lace, or embrace something a little darker. Take Maleficent as your muse, reimagined in deep purple and black body skimming dresses adorned with strategically placed beads and lace. Just add one certain St Andrews castle.


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Top Left to Bottom: Asos, Asos, Asos,

I am almost certain that there is no student in St Andrews whose wardrobe is less than 50% wool or knitted jumpers. What with the cost of heating bills and the eternal winter weather owning anything less than 7 jumpers would be impractical (and I certainly do not own triple that). Finally knitwear is having its well-deserved time in the spotlight. From knitted jumpers to knitted leggings, jump on the bandwagon and deck yourself head to toe in wool. (For true knitwear enthusiasts I suggest making friends with the Knitting Society).


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Top Left to Bottom: Missguided, ZaraAsos,

A-line mini, check. Polo neck, check. Knee high boots, check. The sixties in all their clean-cut mod glory are back! Although the mini-skirt hasn’t ventured far from the universal woman’s wardrobe since Mary Quant brought it whirling into fashion, it has been resurrected from its belt-sized funeral in the nineties into its classic high waist A-line shape. Partner with a crisp white shirt or beatnik worthy polo neck jumpers, matt black tights and knee high boots and you’ve got the perfect look for the chilly St Andrews catwalk (a.k.a Market Street).


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Top Left to Bottom: Topshop, Asos, Zara

If ever a trend was made for the library, or camouflaging you during the walk of shame on Saturday, this is it. It’s all about crisp lines, but finally you can ditch the skinny jeans and leggings, silky combat trousers are finally acceptable again. Have no fear greens and beiges don’t need to dull, jazz jumpers and coats up with sequins and fuzzy edge. Take your outfit from the library to the Westport, trading in your parka for a form fitting military jacket, and your hiking boots for a chunky heel and voila! You’re ready for action.