TrendWatch: The Pleated Skirt

With the sun finally having graced us with its presence, it is prime time to embark on the British tradition of abandoning your 60 denier tights and embracing goose pimpled legs in the unrealistic hope of tanning in the Scottish sun.

And Other Stories White Pleat Skirt – £29 found here

As unwise as this move is, with the probability you’ll catch hypothermia more likely than you’ll tan, I would risk it for the pleat skirt. Don’t jump to conclusions, I fully condone the wearing of pleats with tights, however I feel this breezy skirt demands bare legs to achieve its full effect.

In an age dominated by body cons and tiny shorts the breeziness offered by a pleated skirt comes as a relief. Ignore the rumours that a pleat skirt is reserved for the elderly and schoolgirls, however it is a fine line to tread when wearing this skirt.

To avoid looking too prim follow these few simple steps. Wear high on the waist to achieve the full flouncing possibility as the skirt flairs out over your hips. A brightly coloured skirt is best, simply because in a Scottish spring we need to do everything we can to brighten up the day. And finally embrace its ladylike qualities, especially in a midi skirt as it swishes around your legs giving you freedom to skip elegantly down the Scores (which I definitely do not do).

Tianna Box Pleat Colour Pop Skater Skirt £10 found here

For the more reserved, shying away from ideas of electric blue full-skirted pleats, invest in a white crisp pleat skirt instead. The minute pleats fall closer to the body, giving you the same swishy look without the volume. Tuck in a brightly coloured T-shirt or pair with a cropped jumper and sweet pumps, before you know it you’ll be craving nothing but pleats.

Asos Midi Skirt in Texture with Full Pleated Peplum £40 found here

My only warning concerning this skirt is the perils you’ll encounter on a blustery day, walking down Market Street. One minute you’re demurely sauntering down the street next you’re imitating Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch. The only consolation when this happens is if it worked for the famous blonde bombshell why not me?

Be brave, go barelegged and make use of the perpetual gusty weather.

(Pretty knickers advised).