Under Canvas Preview

Last year, Under Canvas underwent a successful rebranding to become the sole music festival event in St. Andrews. Johannah Alltimes described the music as, “Oh. My. Days. It was incredible” and the event as, “the best event I have ever attended in my 4 years in this town.”

That’s quite a lot to live up to but co-directors Val Voshchevska and Will Land are excited and confident about this year’s line up.

How would you describe Under Canvas?

WL: One festival inspired night of revelry.

VV: A good night with good music for a good cause.

You have a lot to live up to! What makes this year different/more exciting?

WL: We’re increasing capacity, bringing in a better lineup and placing greater emphasis on the aesthetics of the event.

VV: Building on the festival theme.



They’re also kicking off this year’s festival with a launch party at the Vic on Tuesday (February 18th). Mad Jack will be in the restaurant from 9:30, followed by Throw Some Shapes in the social club. Atom Tree, coming in from Glasgow, will cap off the night!

In addition to a night of great music, expect Under Canvas to reveal the lineup for the main event this spring.

Speaking of the main event, Will and Val indicated that this year we should expect a change from the usual house music as well as a collaboration with Star and St.ART!

In addition to this creative collaboration, what sets Under Canvas apart from other St. Andrews events?

VV: We’re giving the experience of a festival type of event. It’s nice something out of academia to set our finds too.

WL: Getting away from the black tie vibe. The emphasis is also very much on bringing good music to St. Andrews and bringing it to a venue we wouldn’t otherwise use (The main event is in St. Mary’s Quad)

The most important thing to remember is that Under Canvas is held in support of the Cystic Fibrosis trust, a cause Will and Val say is a ‘very personal’ cause for the committee.

The launch party is FREE to enter until 10:30pm. After that, entry is £3 with £2 going to charity.