Vintage Collective Preview

Calling all guys and dolls, the seasons are quickly changing and what better way to spend a lazy, slightly chilly Saturday than rummaging through vintage treasures of the past, longing to be brought back onto our streets! The Vintage Collective is back in St Andrews and we’re so glad to have them!

I caught up with the event organizer on the weekend, who is a St Andrews graduate herself. Nicole is a keen vintage fashion advocate herself, and promises that the Vintage Collective is bringing a fantastic revamp of this St Andrews favourite.

What inspired the Vintage Collective?
We were originally known as ‘Very Vintage’ which we began in St Andrews when we were both students at the university. We wanted to compile vintage clothing in a collection brought right to your door. It was the problem of not being able to find exactly what we wanted in the shops that inspired the idea to compile the best vintage in one place. We knew there was a whole heap of vintage available in Fife – which is well worth going on your own exploration of vintage hideaways if you get a chance – but we thought why not bring these together, and here we are.

What is it that people find so attractive about vintage and why should we get excited for November 1st?
Vintage clothing costs next to nothing, especially if you consider what someone has originally paid for an item in its time, or what a replica would cost you on the high street. Vintage is also so much more exciting than buying a ready-made garment. You’re buying your own piece of history when you buy vintage. Think of who’s worn that amazing 50s or 60s shift dress, and what memories and experiences someone has lived in that dress.

Personally, what is it you find that inspires you to wear vintage?

The joy of finding something that’s one off for you. Whatever you find, it’s not something that anyone else will have, and it’ll be all yours. Not only is it yours to wear but it’s you who has hunted it out and found it and now it’s all yours. I guess there’s a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment, especially when you find something that’s perfect. There’s something about vintage clothing that’s got an edge to it and different from your everyday high street items.

Do you have a certain price range that our shoppers can expect on the weekend?
We hope to have something for everyone. Of course it’s important to remember the value of the item, but there will be a huge range, from 50p, to £50. We’ll have things that will appeal to everyone, whether that’s a small scarf you fall in love with or a luxury item. Even the items which tend to be pricier are often long term investment items. Vintage tends to be way more reasonable than new. If you consider what someone would have paid for that item brand new, then you realise you’re getting a bargain that still has heaps of wear left in it!

Last but not least, do you have any tips for bargain hunting on the day?
Take your time, and probably my best tip would be that if you love it, buy it! Even if something is too big, it’s going to cost you a maximum of £5 to take it in, which is totally worth it for a one off!

This year, the event is also hosting special performances by our a cappella groups, The Other Guys and The Alleycats. Owl Eyes is also going to be running a best-dressed competition on the day, so if you’re already a keen vintage hunter, pull together something fabulous and you’ll be in the running.

10am, November 1st – get ready to head on over to Younger Hall, bright eyed, busy tailed and ready to bag a uniquely vintage bargain!

Photos courtesy of Vintage Collective