Welly Ball 2013 Review

I won’t lie, after last year’s Welly Ball, the prospect of coming back for round two made me a little nervous. After what can only be described as a complete and utter catastrophe on my part, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to look at wellington boots again. (Note: this was through no fault of the ball organizers!)

With my flatmate/best friend/partner in crime by my side and after a solemn oath to remain together at all times, we decided to give it another chance. I’m happy to report that we were not disappointed, and that Welly Ball 2013 was one of the best nights I’ve had during my three years in the Bubble.

Before we even set foot in the after party, it was clear that the Ball committee had their act together in terms of organization. The buses (to and from Kinkell) were on time, fast, and totally painless. As the first and last part of the event, bad transport can be a real buzzkill. That certainly wasn’t the case here, and when we arrived the party was in full swing. The St Andrews Challenge draws Clay Pigeon Shooting clubs from all over the UK and they were out in full force to celebrate their successes in the tournament, as well as to show their support for a charitable cause. The event proceeds this year were donated to the Royal Highland Educational Trust.

The decorations were lovely and Kinkell was glowing from floor to ceiling with fairy lights. There were plenty of space heaters to keep guests warm, as well as several comfy couches which were much appreciated when we had to take the occasional break from busting our moves on the dance floor. (Apologies to anyone who had to witness that. When you have two left feet you just have to own it). Speaking of which, the musical lineup included awesome performances by Surround, Theo and Clara, Saunet, DJ A.C.B, and Sunta und Die Klauses.

The reappearance of Butler’s Wraps was met with uncontrollable joy; the lovely people working the stand were remarkably speedy and patient with the drunken masses and their culinary creations were delicious as ever. The service at the bar was equally quick, and the new addition of a VIP Marquee gave guests a quieter, more chilled-out space. There were also free sweets in there. Excellent touch.

The only slightly off-putting moments during the night came when we had to maneuver our way through the crowds of disorderly partyers between the bar and the toilets. A bit more ushering-along of the apocalyptically- drunk in that particular area would have made me feel less like I was about to get trampled by several hundred wellies. Drunken brouhaha and tomfoolery aside, the vast majority seemed to be at least quite merry, and in true Welly Ball fashion, having an uproarious amount of fun.

Our night came to a hilarious conclusion after we found ourselves in Empire with Surround’s lead guitarist and bass player, David and Nick, who were wandering around trying to find their drummer, who had their keys. We never did find out if they recovered either of those things. We do know, however, that they played a killer set, and also that David knows all 50 US state capitals.

Hats off Welly Ball, you’ve done it again. On Sunday morning, a solid chunk of the student population woke up severely hungover, possibly a little confused, and with every intention of going again next year. You will find me first in the ticket queue next October.


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