Welly Ball Reviewed

Essay in. Dress on. Feet in wellies. I am running out the door catching one of the last busses to take me to the beautiful Kinkell Byre.

The queue is nearly non-existent so I assume the busses efficiently drove the early masses. My bus however, does not take long to load up on passengers in various states of sobriety. Myself, having handed in three essays in the last 36 hours, also needed a drink!

Arriving at Kinkell the hallway is decorated with large twigs, purple lighting and set spotlights on the walls. It sets the mood swiftly – definitely a classier event to go to in St Andrews. The coat check was right around the corner upon entering. I was surprised and really pleased to hear that the two pounds for coat check also went towards Welly Ball’s chosen charity.

I knew that the Welly Ball committee chose The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust carefully as their charity this year. CWMT raises awareness about depression in young people and attempts to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. They educate young people to look after their own mental wellbeing so that they can recognize what depression looks like in themselves, but also in others. As a student, I think it is great that mental health is being given center stage this year.

Coat checked, I decided to finally get that drink! The after party had three bars, two in the main hall, and one in the marquee. The bars were usually busy, but the wait wasn’t long. Last night was the first time I was asked by three different bartenders if I was being served! Definitely happy with the service brought by Event Bars St Andrews. The prices weren’t Union cheap, but honestly nothing to complain about either.

Event Bars Logo

I was expecting the event to be a little overcrowded. The event had 1.6k people RSVP on Facebook and sold a whopping 1,450 tickets. The sell-out event was still quite spacious though, due to the extra marquee connected to the main venue. In the marquee, guests found any food they could possibly crave! Serving the world’s best wraps were the beloved Blackhorn crew, Dervish was whipping up lots of pizzas, and for desert there was Frisky Froyo and Cottage Kitchen. Shout out to The Cottage Kitchen! How many brownies did I actually eat?

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! Personally, I enjoyed the lineup, particularly Will And The People. I have been listening to them on Spotify all morning writing this! Still, Sünta and Joe Jones deserve applause as well for their fun performances. I finished the night on the dance floor, where all good nights must end, and well past 1 am, I continued showing off my (questionable) best dance moves. This much fun would never have been possible with regular pumps. My wellies kept me warm and on my feet for the whole night. This was especially useful as Ashton Squires was dj-ing until 2 am! How does this man always know what song everyone wants to hear? In a slightly ironic final salute to a fantastic evening, Squires’ sent us off with Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” before we were directed to the busses back to town.

Final remarks, can it please be Welly Ball season again?

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative.