Welly Ball: Reviewed

The most unusual of dress codes in the most standard of St. Andrew’s settings. In my fourth year I couldn’t resist the one last time to give my social life some welly, at Welly Ball. Welly ball holds a warm place in my heart. Comfy shoes, a sparkly Kinkell and copious amounts of students (who aren’t all from St Andrew’s), what’s not to love? Even better is the fact that the Welly Ball proceeds go to supports the mental health charity Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. A charity that aims to educate on the topic of mental wellbeing, in particular, warning signs of depression. This is an important cause for all students to pay special attention to.

This year Welly Ball built on its strengths in the after party. An after party that was much in demand this year. If you were unfortunate enough to wait an hour after ticket sales opened to get your ticket you could have been among the unlucky few left scrabbling on fb pleading for ‘one ticket will pay cash’. Could Welly Ball be facing the same ticket dilemma of Christmas ball?

Well if it is, I can safely say that a scrabble on fixr or queue down market street will be worth it if this year was anything to go by.



Aside from the theme, the ball is a standard affair. Not to sound negative, it is an inescapable fact that Kinkell Byre, while a great venue, has its limitations. Fortunately, Welly Ball knows how to build on the ordinary, to make a night full of fun revelry. The majority of my night was spent in the Marquee that had been quickly adapted from dinning area to dancing space. It was refreshing to have the option to leave the mosh pit of the main dance floor, and indulge in some extreme high kicks.

After one to many trips to the bar, (with the remarkably fast turnover, I felt I needed to take advantage), I was extremely thankful for the Emily Fruit Crisp sponsors. My friend got a little carried away with the copious amounts of iced coffee around the venue. I was still getting texts from her at 7am in the morning, the event ended at 2am to put it into context!

I would say something about the music, but in all honesty, in my ball goer haze, all I remember is the dancing. Therefore, I can come to only one conclusion: the music set must have been fabulous to have made me lose track of time on the dance floor!



Just a word on the mass exodus that ended the night. Being the cheeky ball goer I am, I nipped out the back, ran through a field, and climbed up a mound of gravel to avoid the queue, and nearly ended up on a bus to Dundee. Did you know Welly Ball organises buses to go to Dundee as well as St. Andrews? My mind was blown, and very confused. My poor flatmate ended up home 45 minutes after me, cold and grumpy. You know it is a good party when the last bus is the busiest, but if Welly Ball could find a miracle solution to this problem I would be very grateful. Falling over in a field is not the most glam way to end a night. But on that end, all I can say is thank god I had my welly’s.

P.S. Sorry to the Welly Ball organisers for blatantly disregarding their very sensible instructions to not go out the back door, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do.


Photos courtesy of Raphael Benres for Lightbox