What to Wear: 602 Ball

In less than a week St. Andrews is turning 602! How should we celebrate our favourite universities birthday? By donning our best gladrags and preparing to dance the night away at the 602 Ball, of course! Here is a little inspiration to fuel you’re creative juices and procrastination, getting you into the party spirit with razzle dazzle dresses and shiny shoes.

Keep the vibe playful and funky with a sequin shift dress, you can tell a good one if it jangles when you walk. When matching up you’re accessories, leave the sequins to your dress and play with different textures for maximum impact, this beaded clutch adds extra ‘pow’ to an already sparkling ensemble.

Owl Eyes- 602 What to Wear 4

Caught between whether to go short or long in the dress department? Why not both? A sheer overskirt will add the sweeping feel of a glamorous long dress, but with all the ability of a short dress to show of your fancy footwork on the dance floor. Take advantage of the opportunity to show of you’re shoes, check out these futuristic, silver cage babies; just make sure they’re comfy, because once these guys are on your feet there’s no turning back.

Owl Eyes- 602 What to Wear 5

602 is prime time to get a jump on rich Christmassy colours with a burgundy lace number. A sheer top layer will let you get away with a cheeky game of ‘how much can you really see?’ Play up the opulence with gold drop earrings and matching embellished shoes. Let Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Rouge,’ be your muse and deck yourself head to toe in glimmering gold accessories.

Owl Eyes- 602 What to Wear 2

We all need something to look forward to an the end of week 11, so set aside a day of pampering, allow yourself to spend way too long getting ready. It’s all for a good cause, to get down and celebrate our beloved St. Andrews 602nd birthday. So order that new dress, pop the bubbly in the fridge, and let’s start counting down!