What to Wear: Sitara*

The fashion season in St. Andrews is coming to a close, but the life and soul of the season is still to come: Sitara*! Take full advantage of this last opportunity to embrace the outrageous styles and bright colours you still have stowed away at the back of your wardrobe. For those of you who haven’t quite nailed your outfit combo for this gem of an event, here are a few ideas to get you started.

wtw sitara*


When I hear Sitara*, my mind melts into multi colour. If there was a fashion show at which to embrace the brightest hues of the rainbow, it’s Sitara*. Try colour blocking for extra impact, moulding the colour around the current off the shoulder trend. Get those toe nails painted and prepare to show them off in a pair of matching high-heel sandals. Use accessories to add an extra colour dimension to stop your outfit from looking a little too flat.

wtw sitara*


If bright colours aren’t for you, have no fear! A Monochrome pattern will do the trick. Add it onto a surprising item of clothing, like a pair of culottes with a white crop top, and you’re sure to stand out. Get creative with your footwear, are you brave enough to play around with a contrasting print? Pile up the bangles, and enjoy their jingling sound as you dance the night away.

wtw sitara*


When I asked two Sitara* aficionados on what to wear, I was under strict instructions to include sparkles. So here is my ode to sparkles. When working sequins and shiny things into an outfit, keep the colour palette neutral, but don’t be afraid of the gold accents! I’m obsessed with flash tats at the moment, especially of the gold arm band variety, they are amazing for an outfit like this to avoid that awkward sequin-bracelet tangle. Finally, double up your rings and clutch, *guaranteed you will return home with this bag at the end of the night*.
There you have three ideas to get your creative Sitara* juices flowing. My final pointer, if you catch your self fist pumping and smiling in your chosen outfit, you’ve probably nailed it.