What to Wear: Starfields 2017

Notably St Andrews’ “last hurrah” for the summer before reality sets in and we all have to get to work, Starfields is a great opportunity to get down to some class house music and get one last use out of that Hawaiian shirt.  Put on by the committee of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, known affectionately as FS, it’s a combination of music festival and booze-fueled garden party with plenty of glitter to go around – but not quite Glasto or Burning Man. So: what on earth do you wear? If you’re struggling with outfit inspiration and you don’t want to resort to chucking on your gap-year trousers (you know the ones) and a crop top last minute, look no further. Here are a few ideas for what to wear to Starfields.

This first look is for those of you who want to work with the wardrobe you have and don’t feel the need to panic-order a bunch of holographic clothing from Topshop.  A simple graphic tee and denim skirt combo will keep you comfortable and stylish through all of the musical acts of the evening.  It’s equal parts I-just-bought-this-shirt-at-H&M-today-effortless and I-may-or-may-not-have-spent-2-hours-curating-this-outfit. Since full-on shoulder bags are a bit cumbersome to keep track of in a large (read: drunk) crowd, add a fun bum bag, trainers and some cool sunnies for a completed look.

WTW StarFields 2017


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try tapping into the vinyl plastic trend that’s been all over Instagram in the past few months. Take advantage of one of your last chances to wear a summery colour palette and pair a brightly coloured bodysuit with some culottes. Throw in some rubber Chelsea boots and you’ll fit right in with the festival aesthetic whilst simultaneously staying dry in case of any sudden rain! A backpack will hold all of your things and keep your hands and arms free to throw some shapes on Lower College Lawn.

WTW StarFields 2017


If you’re not inclined to dress like a sparkly rainbow and prefer something a bit more understated, anything with this plaid/checked print is set to be a huge trend for autumn. Almost everyone owns a black leather jacket so just toss that over with some Vans-type shoes or black booties for a monochromatic look. Plenty of glitter and glow bracelets will be the perfect accessories.

WTW StarFields 2017


These are just a few basic ideas to go on; adding your own personal touch to these outfits will surely make you stand out in the crowd. If you still need further inspiration, head to Facebook to look at photos of Starfields from past years, as well as our own what-to-wear articles on Owl Eyes. Keep an eye out for our Owl Eyes photographer at Starfields for a chance to be featured on the site, and have a smashing time!

Images courtesy of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show.