What to Wear: Under Canvas

Under Canvas is one of those unique events where a pair of stilettos or a black bow tie would simply be blasphemous. 25/04/15 will be about embracing your colourful alter ego; where shoes will be worn out of necessity not decoration. Get ready; it’s festival time in St. Andrews.

Ever wondered when you were finally going to be able to wear that outrageous vintage silk bomber jacket you bought on a whim? Look no further. Marketed as a one-night festival in St.Andrews it’s time to get in touch with your inner Glastonbury (minus the wellys). A couple of guidelines first though: denim shorts and a vintage sweatshirt are a classic go to for comfort and inevitable cool points. Feeling more playful? Embrace a geometric print playsuit with a silky kimono on top to soften the edges. Unfortunately in Scotland we can only hope for so much sun, so if you’re feeling the chill, break out the slouchy trousers paired with a co-ord top.

Wtw: Undercanvas



Here is where the fun starts: accessories! The quirkier the better is my general rule of thumb when adorning yourself. Indulge in feather headbands, grungy floral garlands or pop art scrunchies. But don’t stop there, give the crazier make up trends from the runway a whirl; a simple graphic eyeliner design will set you apart from the crowd. Dabble in hair chalking, a non-permanent solution to trying the colour ombre trend. A little birdie told me transfer tattoos will be available at the event, this as a ‘one night only’ scenario, try something you would never normally dare, for tomorrow only the photographs will remain.

under canvas accessories



Now moving onto the bag problem, an irritating necessity that frequently hinders any energetic dance moves. Do not despair, for the time has finally come when bumbags and backpacks are not only acceptable but warmly welcomed! On the shoe front, break out the retro trainers and brightly coloured espadrilles. As long as you can dance that’s all that matters!

under canvas bags and shoes



Boys, just in case you were feeling left out don’t worry you can shine just as brightly as the girls at Under Canvas. However, think more worn-in jeans than primary colour chinos, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you insist on buttoning up a shirt  it had better be no less that three colours. Though to err on the side of caution a distressed logo t-shirt and denim shirt will channel the chilled festival vibe with ease.


All images sourced and created on Polyvore.