What to Wear: Welly Ball 2017

Welly Ball is coming up this weekend, and as one of St Andrews’ most-attended events of first semester, this year is guaranteed to be a hit. Taking place on Saturday the 11th of November at Kinkell Byre, the ball has increased their capacity and budget to accommodate 2000 guests at both the dinner and the after-party.  There will be two music options, one in the main barn and one in the marquee. For the fourth year running Welly Ball will be supporting the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, and the committee is proud to announce that they have been awarded a prize for their continued contributions to this organisation.

The foundation of a Welly Ball outfit is, of course, the Wellington boot. Due to this unique theme of attire you may be concerned with the challenge of juxtaposing glamour with countryside footwear, so here are three ideas for what to wear based on the kind of wellies you may own. Whether you have a classic or a more contemporary style of rain boot, your wellies should be the star of your ensemble. Pick an outfit that complements the boots—a typical option would be a short dress that shows off your rubber. Pro-tip: don’t scrub up your wellies before the ball; mud is the best accessory and lends to the authenticity of the whole look.


WTW Welly Ball 2017


If you’ve got the run-of-the-mill green Hunters wellies in any neutral colour, opt into the autumn/winter trend of velvet in jewel tones. Accessorise with a pair of glitter tights for some extra sparkle.


WTW Welly Ball 2017


If you’ve got boots in a funky colour like red or yellow and want them to be the focal point of your outfit, stick to a more neutral dress colour but feel free to add as much sparkle as you like. A bohemian-style look like this one would go great against the rustic setting of Kinkell Byre.


WTW Welly Ball 2017


If you’re one of those people who has an unconventional pair or wellies or likes their boots as crazily patterned as they come, don’t worry about mismatching—you can always find solace in a black dress. You can add some dimension to your look with something glittery, as always, and a few great accessories.

With that, be sure to enjoy Welly Ball and relish in the fact that you can dance the after-party away with feet happy and rubber-clad!