What To Wear : Welly Ball

Ready to get those wellys muddy? Welly Ball is finally here! I’m trying my best to contain my excitement, but this is one of my favourite dress codes. Personally, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear wellys to every ball: they’re comfortable, they make wiping out on the dance floor a lot less likely and they’re waterproof (I can’t be the only one who manages to spill a baffling number of drinks on their feet). However, glamming up a pair of wellys does require a bit of inspiration. Here are a few handy little starting points to help you get ready for a night of pain free dancing in Kinkell.

You can’t beat a classic pair of green Hunter wellys. Colour coordinate your boots and dress for the perfect backdrop to some sparkly accessories. Layered necklaces and a bold gold cuff, will bring you’re prim little dress into party territory. When those lights hit that sparkly clutch, nobody is going to know that you usually walk your dog in those wellys.

Welly Ball Outfit 4

Welly Ball was made for short dresses, with you’re boots drawing attention to the hem line, its you’re opportunity to get a bit creative. I am obsessed with the flash of orange on this little black number, pair with sleek black wellys to really make it pop.

Welly Ball Outfit 2

Feeling a little more sophisticated? Go for a sleek, long sleeved mini. Keep you’re lines sharp, with geometric earrings and stacked bracelets. If you lack the patience to have your hands full with a clutch bag all night, sling a minimal black cross body bag on, and you’ll be free flail your arms around to your hearts content, or not, depending on how sophisticated you still feel after a few drinks.

Welly Ball Outfit 5

There is no unwritten rule that declares all wellys must be Hunters, shake things up a bit, Joules does some great pairs covered in eclectic patterns, or stand out from the crowd in a rubber ankle boot. Whatever you wear, take advantage of the opportunity to keep your toes warm and cosy in fluffy socks, they can be your little secret.