Women in the Arts Preview

This week, the Barron Theatre will form the stage for a showcase of the best female talent in St Andrews in a compilation called “Women in the Arts.” Part of the fundraising work of ‘Women for Women‘ here in St Andrews, this promises to be two evenings of spectacular entertainment which will simultaneously raise money to help sponsor one woman for a year through Women for Women International. This charity works to assist women in post-conflict countries by providing them with business and entrepreneurship programmes, essentially allowing women to gain skills and knowledge which they can then use to support themselves and their families after a devastating experience or event.

We will be treated to female acts from a variety of genres: music, dance, playwriting, and poetry, with every individual bringing something beautifully individual to celebrate this diversity in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This is the first real event of its kind and magnitude in St Andrews, with the society itself having only been in existence for four years. On the work that the society does, President of W4W St Andrews, Wallis Grant, said ‘What we all admire about the W4W programme is that it allows women to retain their agency and for them to continue playing a vital role in the improvement of their lives’. If you find this passion and commitment as inspiring as we do, come along and see what more these ladies have to say!

Although you may not have been aware of this particular movement, you may have heard of the Accidentals, an all-female acapella group in St Andrews. Keen to get involved, they approached Women for Women and asked if they could put on a gig and donate all the proceeds to the society’s fundraising efforts. The event grew in participants from then on, with other intrigued performers following the Accidentals’ lead and joining along!

It costs around £284 to sponsor one woman and the programme is truly life-changing. Tickets are priced at just £4 for one night or £7 for two nights. They will be on sale outside the library from 10-3 on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th Oct. You can also buy tickets on the door, but with the programme of events they have in store, I for one will be getting my ticket early!