WTW: Sitara*

Arguably the most vibrant show of St Andrews’ fashion season, Sitara* is back this Friday, and with it comes the challenge of finding something to wear to yet another social event.  Their 2017 theme is “This is my Rang”, focusing on the diversity and vivacity of South Asian culture through fashion and performance.  With colour as the conceptual focus of the show, Sitara* is the perfect opportunity for you to bring forth your most effervescent formal wear and dance the night away to the fusion tunes of DJ Josef Bamba.  If the past few fashion shows seem to have exhausted you of outfit inspiration, here are a few ideas to help you look your best:

WTW Sitara* 2017



If you haven’t had a chance to wear that one dress that’s a little too exciting for an average night at the Vic, now is the time to pull it out!  This bright, flowy number will help you stand out in a crowd of fantastically dressed St Andreans. It’s finally spring, so take full advantage and show off a seasonal palette with a fun beaded clutch.

WTW Sitara* 2017



If you abhor colour, don’t own anything other than black or are just more comfortable in something a bit more understated, the LBD is always a great go-to. To spice up this classic look, try adding some fun tassel earrings and a bright nail polish.

WTW Sitara* 2017



Finally, if comfort is more important to you than flaunting six-inch stilettos, a patterned jumpsuit and espadrille wedges will award you a full range of movement whilst dancing.  For an extra pop of colour, carry a contrasting clutch to make you look fresh off the Gucci Autumn/Winter 2017 runway

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Even if you don’t have a wardrobe to match the fruity Afrodysia cocktails being served, as long as you are confident in whatever you’re wearing, Sitara* will be a night to remember.