Xavier Ball: Reviewed

Xavier Ball promised to be a fun, vibrant ball that remained focused on charity, and it definitely delivered.

Upon boarding the buses to Crail at Younger Hall, committee members handed out glowsticks and tokens for chips and a drink. The committee were efficient and well organised, a feature illustrated by their quick response to a bus’ technical problem; the delayed passengers being given extra drinks tokens prior to the quick arrival of a new bus.

Tying in with the ball’s ‘Be Bright’ slogan there was the usual impressive bonfire area in the field next to the venue at Crail Airfield. Local burger restaurant Blackhorn supplied chips and a free drink on arrival and guests were able to get a Vita Coco coconut water and a Tunnocks caramel wafer in return for a £1 charity donation.

The venue at Crail Airfield consisted of two main indoor areas: the large dancefloor and stage inside the old cinema and a smaller marquee outside with a small bar. The outside marquee was probably my favourite of the two, showcasing St Andrews student DJs in a relaxed atmosphere. They played some great music such as Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al and a remix of I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li and it was decorated very creatively with fabric and bunting. The main part of the venue had similar decor and a stage featuring a number of talented artists. The main venue perhaps seemed slightly too big for the number of people that were there, but at around midnight when songs such as OMI’s Cheerleader and TLC’s No Scrubs started playing, the dancefloor became much more lively.

Xavier Ball is very different to the standard St Andrews black tie event. It was a refreshing change to have such a distinct kind of dress code (anything bright) and I think that this added to the very relaxed atmosphere. It was lovely to see people wearing bold prints and patterns, and especially good to see a lot of people wearing Rafiki Fabrix clothing showing that the microfinance project and the Xavier Project as a whole remains the focus of the event.

Overall, I was very impressed with the event: it was focused on the Xavier Project, the atmosphere was lively, and the food and drink were great. However, I think that the music and atmosphere in the small tent were more enjoyable than the main venue and I would also have preferred it if Little Boots had been on earlier so that more people could have got to see her. Xavier Ball was definitely a success though, and you’ll be sure to see me there next year.

Photos courtesy of Ampersand Media.