Fashion season has just finished. Whether it’s for DONT WALK, FS or Catwalk, we will all have to wait another year. Apart from Catwalk, these events are expensive and getting on the guest lists not always easy – yet all of this is justified with the delivery of alot of money to charity. So how did DONT WALK shape up this year?

Arriving at my table just before the start of the show, I wasn’t surprised to see everyone excitedly crowded round the catwalk, and not sitting reservedly in their seats. The show began impressively: DONT WALK are really very strong at this. Silver masks and synchronised pulsing dance moves indicated the hours of practice the choreographers and models had put in, which would also be evident in the rest of the routines. The music, like in what was to follow, was excellent and really was what made the show in many respects. Every walk down the runway was done in a very formulaic fashion, broken up by the models’ increasing flirtation with the audience. It worked well; one thing I did wish though was that they would occasionally abandon the choreography and just strut down the entire catwalk solo – they were confident enough and the music most definitely gave them something to strut to.

Style-wise, the girls really did look very pretty. Wet look hair was scraped back, yet didn’t appear too sleek. A demonstration of how this difficult style can be made wearable was shown by the models at the afterparty, with pink lips and heavy black eyeliner finishing the look. The boys rocked heavy spray tans, for which DONT WALK is infamous, just like the girls, but coloured, heavy eyebrows made the look all the more masculine.

It may seem odd to get this far into an article on a fashion show and not to have mentioned the clothes. All I can say was that there was a lot of lingerie. And a lot of girl lingerie. I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the boys did seem curiously absent from the catwalk for significant periods of time. When they appeared, they were wearing a lot more clothes than their female counterparts, who displayed the same black swimming costumes, or very similar ones, three times. There were however some beautiful pieces, such as the bright coloured matching shirts and trousers and floor length white dresses which opened the second half. Ultimately it has to be said: you go to see the models, most probably your friends, not the clothes.

The best way to review DONT WALK is as an event and not a fashion show, and it was a very well organised, sleek evening, at which everyone had a great time. It was perhaps a tad empty in the main dancing area, but there was a good buzz about the venue nonetheless. Did it justify £80? Of course it didn’t, but if you don’t go to an event like this you really do miss out on one of the best nights in St Andrews. Let’s just hope the profits going to charity justify the price tag.

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