FFALL: A Preview

FFALL is a brand new event coming to St Andrews in the next couple of weeks (25.10.14). I caught up with Leo Bargery, FFALL’s co-director to see what it’s all about…

Where did the idea of FFALL come from?
I suppose the idea for FFALL really stemmed from a desire to bring good music to St Andrews. A good music ‘scene’ is something I personally feel has been lacking in the town during my time here and as a big music fan I wanted to do something about that!

The way in which the event is run; combining the work of as many of the creative societies from around town as possible as a backdrop to the music element of the day is also integral to FFALL as we feel that it’s a great way to bring the whole creative body of St Andrews together to celebrate our small town’s considerable creative output while enjoying some quality Scottish bands!


Ten pounds is really good for an event in St Andrews, what can people expect?
Well, the first ‘stage’ of FFALL is being hosted and curated by Music is Love at All Saints Church on North Castle St between 14.00-18.00. During those four hours there will be an array of music, art and food on offer. From 18:30-02:00, FFALL will be taking over venue 1 with exhibitions, installation art and great live music from some brilliant up and coming Scottish bands including Withered Hand & Broken Records before the night is brought to a close by innovative, new house act MORRT.  So, expect fun!

broken records

In what ways is it different to other events in St Andrews?
I think what we really wanted to create was an event which was totally inclusive; something which was accessible and enjoyable for everyone in the town. It’s cheap at only £10 which I think sets us apart from a lot of other events which tend to charge upwards of £30…especially bearing in mind that your ticket gives you 12 hours of entertainment.

We all feel the air of exclusivity in St Andrews and there are a lot of events which are marketed to a specific clique or group within the town and we really wanted to make FFALL as open as possible, we want anyone and everyone to come and just have a great time!

withered hand

What’s the dress code/vibe?
Wear whatever you want. Bring your own vibe. Black Tie can be worn ironically, but you might get warm.

3 words to describe FFALL?
Exciting, Inclusive, Different