Gin Festival goes to Glasgow

What are your plans for this weekend? Not much on? Well, you might be interested to know that this weekend the world’s biggest gin festival is descending on Glasgow, less than two hours away from The Bubble.

Image courtesy of Gin Festival

Gin Festival is a concept devised by gin lovers, Jym and Marie Harris in 2012. The concept is simple; over one hundred gins, an endless combination of gin cocktails, and a big room full of certified gin lovers. Each ticket allows you admission to the festival and provides you with a lovely big copa glass. You then spend the day testing out your glass by filling it with various G&T combinations! With over one hundred gins on offer, there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy. You will be provided with a brochure upon entry to help guide you through the vast choice, which will be ordered into A, B, C, and D – A and B are British gins, C is international gins, and D is a collection of Sloe gins. Enjoy some delicious local street food and great music while you make your way around and then treat yourself to a few of your favourite bottles at the end of the event!

Image courtesy of Gin Festival

Gin Festival has been hugely successful and travels up and down the country spreading gin joy everywhere they stop. It’s also worth following their newsletter for regular updates on events and features that provide g-inspiration for all occasions.

Tickets are £10 and available at:

For more information visit: