What to Wear: Masquerade Ball

It’s hard to obtain a little anonymity in St. Andrews, too many times I have been drunk shamed after a night out. However, finally ball goers are getting the chance to get up to a little shame free mischief and mayhem in our little bubble, at the Masquerade Ball!

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I’m certain I’m not the only one who spent their childhood dreaming of swanning about a ballroom at a Venetian masked ball, and I’m not about to let this dream go. This event begs for a dress with a bit of drama, preferably long and decadently embellished. Keep those shoes high and elegant, a barely there silver pair will have you feeling like Hilary Duff in a Cinderella Story in no time. Though maybe use a classy black clutch to store you’re phone, rather than a shoe strap.

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Boys, you may just be dusting of your standard bow tie and suit, but don’t waste this opportunity to try something a little different. Play with different patterned bow ties, why not even match it to you’re mask? This may not be a fancy dress ball, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try out a new character for the night. For those who feel like channelling a Casanova vibe (he nailed the venetian mask scene) give a velvet jacket a whirl, the girls will come to stroke the jacket, and hopefully stay for your wit and charm (no guarantees).

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Make up is a tricky one when masks get involved. I’d suggest keeping it toned down and let the mask do the talking. If you opt for the netted mask à la Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette, play with a bright lip to add a pop of colour. If wearing a mask for the entire night sounds like too much for you, I’m obsessed with these lacy face flash tattoos, add a pair of paper lashes for the truly brave.

Complete the look with the demeanour of a fairy tale character, though thank your lucky stars you won’t have to be home by midnight.