Best Christmas Markets

It’s that time of year again. I know it’s early, I know we’ve only just had Halloween and Bonfire Night, but people are beginning to mention that inevitable c-word. It is quite a while away, but with deadlines and exams and last minute shopping and travelling home, it will be Christmas before we know it. And to really cash in on this festive season, towns and cities all over the country are beginning to open their Christmas markets, to lure in those people who having been waiting for Christmas since boxing day of last year. I know it is certainly too early for some (at work the other day, I made a man a coffee with a snowman on top and he looked far from impressed), but we’ve decided to round up some of the best Christmas markets for you to see before they all start getting far too busy!



Let’s begin with one of the closest, and probably the easiest to get to. Edinburgh Christmas Market has grown each year, and this year features 3 different Christmas markets for you to explore till your hearts content! There will be 2 ice rinks, a massive ferris wheel, a number of other rides, loads of market stalls with food (look out for Beatrice’s food favourites from Christmas Markets article!), a lot of vendors selling hand-made goods, plus Light Night, the big light switch on with SuBo singing which is happening on the 22nd November.


george square

On a smaller scale, Glasgow has one Christmas Market down at the St Enochs Centre, selling a ton of produce, food and hand-made goods. George Square will also, as usual, be decked out with lights, rides and the massive ice rink around the monument.

Glamis Castle


This year I plan to venture to Glamis Castle which is holding a three day christmas event with a big market, o the 11th, 12th and 13th December. It’s about 30 miles away from St Andrews, and there is a bus running for students if it’s difficult for you to get there, on Saturday the 12th. The main draw for me is the fact that there will be a market, in the courtyard of a big CHRISTMASSY CASTLE. It couldn’t get more festive than that, and it’s an excuse to see a different part of rural Scotland you may not have seen before.

Etsy Made Local – Glasgow


Although this isn’t technically a Christmas market, it is a perfect opportunity to buy those thoughtful Christmas presents. Etsy have organised the market, bringing together your favourite online businesses into one place where you can browse more easily than you could online. Its on the 6th December at the Briggit in Glasgow, definitely a shopping event not to miss.

Summerhall Christmas Market – Edinburgh


If you don’t fancy braving the freezing scottish weather to browse the markets in Edinburgh, then this indoor one could be exactly what you’re after. Summerhall, a beautiful Edinburgh venue are hosting their yearly Christmas market on the 13th December. Head down for tons of stalls, food, singing and festvities. Find the event page here.

Mitchells Christmas Market


Much closer to home on our very own Market Street, Mitchells are hosting their own Christmas Market. It will be small, but there will festive feels abound and plenty of food and drink flowing. Head along on the 8th December, and find the event here.