Day Trips from St. Andrews

With revision week drawing ever nearer some of you may just be itching to get out of the Bubble. Thankfully there is a very well connected bus system just down the road to satisfy all of our travel needs. If the long days of studying that loom ahead before the Christmas break bring pictures of sugarplum fairies and jet-setting into your head then here are five day trips that can be taken out of St Andrews easily and quite cheaply as well.

Fife Coastal Path

Travel Cost: Free – unless you get the bus back.



If money is an object, this may be the best option for you. The Fife Coastal Path runs all the way from the Tay to the Forth (that’s the estuary between Dundee and Edinburgh respectively) and is a wonderful way to discover the area while getting in some exercise. For a nice, not-so-little day trip dust off those trainers and set off on the seven hour trek to Anstruther. Along the way you can stop off for some tea in Crail at the Crail Harbour Gallery and Tearoom while enjoying a crisp view of the North Sea. When Anstruther is finally in sight you only have the best fish supper in Scotland to look forward to, with a line up that is usually out the door (don’t worry, it goes quickly). The best part is there is a bus back to St Andrews so the looming darkness and another seven hours is far from sight.




Travel Cost: £7 Student Bus Return



For those of you who are craving the shopping of a bigger city and yet are on a bit of a budget – you’ll have to settle for Dundee. In all seriousness, Dundee is not a bad place. It houses all your immediate shopping needs in a relatively small downtown area which is actually quite a nice place to spend the day. For food, the diner Ketchup serves some amazing gourmet burgers which are 2 for 1 with a valid matric card. If you feel the need to pull on the previously-mentioned trainers, there is a hill in the middle of the city that you can easily hike to from town and which offers a fantastic view of the surrounding farms and villages. So if a trip to Topshop and a delicious burger is what you crave – or even if you just really want McDonalds, there is really no need to travel further than Dundee.




Travel Cost: £10 Same-Day Student Bus Return



Edinburgh provides the cosmopolitan experience of London with a smaller feel and a much smaller price tag. Explore Princes Street for your favourites like Ann Summers (just admit it, you all shop there) and House of Fraser, along with a plethora of wonderful cafes (head to Curiosity Tea Rooms on Frederick St. for a particularly great experience). After that, take a walk through the park and end up on High Street and Grassmarket for all your Scottish shop and quirky book store needs, along with some killer pubs and restaurants. If you’re a photographer, don’t forget to bring along the camera to capture every perfect moment along the way as you couldn’t really pose a better background for it than Edinburgh. If city is what you crave and you’re willing to dish out a measly three pounds (and 3 hours travel time) more, skip Dundee and head off to Edinburgh!

As a side note, for the brave that feel like hills are their thing take a climb up Arthur’s Seat for an amazing view of the Firth of Forth and surrounding Lothian.




Travel Cost: £14 Student Bus Return



Being slightly farther away, Glasgow doesn’t often come into mind as a day trip. However, the bus travel time is only about two and a half hours and Glasgow offers something that the East coast just can’t – the West coast. Glasgow is a type of raw that St Andrews just isn’t used to, and whether you call it home or a vacation it is a refreshing experience for anyone. Untainted by tourists compared to its sister-big-city of Edinburgh, it provides some good city wandering mixed with high end shopping. You can find whatever you’re looking for from this city, and if you end up staying the night make sure to take a trip down to the strip of nightclubs that any local can point you towards. If you fancy a particularly different experience, punk up and hit the Cathouse for some headbanging, fishnets, and black.


Just Get Lost


Travel Cost: Who knows!



You live in one of the most beautiful countries nature and people wise. Hop on a bus or, if you can drive, rent a car and just explore. The Highlands, Loch Ness, the border, even some islands are all within day-distance of St Andrews and promise to be full of amazing experiences. While it may take a toll on your bank account, travel is always useful whether it be for conversation later or just a well deserved rest. Be it an adventure or a spa day the rewards you will reap are almost as high as the rewards of the degree you’re working towards at this world-class institution, so get out there!



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