Escape the Bubble: Pittenweem in Focus

Already feeling the need to burst the bubble? Owl Eyes has the perfect day trip for you for you. Take a short bus ride to Pittenweem and let the sea breezes blow your troubles away! Pittenweem is one of Fife’s beautiful coastal towns and is one of the most active fishing villages in the area. The village is about a 40 minute bus drive from St. Andrews (you’ll want to get on the X60 or 95 buses) and a 20 minute drive by car.

The Cocoa Tree Café


First stop on anyone’s list, this quaint little café comes complete with a vintage till and old fashioned glass cabinets to display the chocolates. The staff are really friendly and helpful, so be sure to ask them about what is going on in the village during your visit. If the weather is fine, take a table in their little court yard and enjoy your treats in the fresh air. If it is chilly, snuggle up in the cosy café and make sure to try their famous hot chocolate! And if you want the Cocoa Tree Café to come to you, keep an eye out for their stall at the St. Andrews Farmer’s markets, held on the first Saturday of every month. If you’re lucky they might even have samples!

St Fillan’s Cave2

After you have eaten your fill, ask the café staff to borrow the key for St. Fillan’s cave. The cave is a couple of minutes walk away, and well worth the £1 donation. The village was actually named after the cave, as Pittenweem means ‘place of the cave’. The story goes that St. Fillan resided there for a time, and was able to write in the dingy cavern thanks to his illuminated right arm!

Pittenweem Priory Gatehouse6a

If you’re lucky the Gatehouse will be open during your visit. One of the oldest buildings in Fife, the Priory is linked to the same Bishop James Kennedy who founded St. Salvator’s college. Like St. Andrpews Cathedral, the Priory was also destroyed in the reformation, but the gatehouse still remains. A restoration campaign is currently in progress. Take advantage of the personalised guided tours and in just half an hour you will be an expert on the history of the building and Pittenweem’s significance to famous events in Scottish History.

Harbour Pier Walk3a

The harbour side homes are particularly picturesque, with bunting bedecked walls and old fashioned bicycles outside some of the cottages. End your afternoon with a peaceful walk down the pier. You can watch the sailing boats out at sea and it is also a great spot to take photos of the town. There are also Dolphins to be seen if you have the patience!

Pittenweem has many similarities to St. Andrews, but it is the perfect peaceful getaway. And on your return, St, Andrews will feel positively large in comparison.