Five Days in Brussels

When my flat mate and I started thinking about what we wanted to do for spring break we had two words in mind: yummy clubs. No, our goal wasn’t hot guys (they are just a bonus). We specifically wanted a city where we could eat the day away with delicious treats and then party until the sun comes up. And so we hopped on a plane and train and adventured to Brussels, a city full of delicious food, unbelievable nightlife and even some yummy Belgian men.

A typical day starts at 11am and goes until 7am, so here is how we spent our crazy five days in Brussels.


11:00am: Wake up and stroll along the streets to find a yummy patisserie or waffle house. Belgium has perfected the waffle, allowing one to put literally anything they want on it. My favorite was the simple nutella and whipped cream waffle, simple but delicious. Of course you have to make it to the famous Waffle Factory which is located near the Grand Place city center, I promise it is worth the wait.

12:00pm: Begin the sight-seeing and walking about! The city is a manageable size and with all the food you eat, trust me the walking is a gift. We adventured through the city to see the Manneken Pis (the little piddling man), European Parliament, Royal Palace, and Grand Place Market.

3:00pm: Take a snack break at one of the cafes. I was more a coffee girl, but if you feel up for it make sure to taste some of the delicious Belgian Beers. Now I am not the kind of girl that likes to spoil her dinner, but in Brussels I had to make the exception. You must pop into every chocolate store you see as each will be different. The variations on truffles, chocolate hazelnuts, tiramisu balls, and white chocolate bark bars… it is hard not to get a little bit of everything. However, I am biased and my favorite chocolates will always be the ‘Langues de Chat’, adorable characters of white, milk or dark chocolate filled with a hazelnut praline. Absolutely delicious and, like me, you will be obsessed with them after one taste.


4:00pm: Head back out to the streets to explore. I recommend venturing out to the Atomium, a stunning structure built to look like an Atom which at night lights up. It is situated just a bit outside the main center but accessible through trams and buses. Although there are many tourists at the Atomium, within the small streets are locals happy to chat in French and cafes perfect for an afternoon gelato. If non-tourist is your thing, make sure to adventure around Louise Square. It is on the opposite end of Brussels from the Atomium so pick a day for each, but make sure you make the time. There are many parks around Louise Square which make it perfect for a picnic on a sunny day. My favorite park was within the ‘Upper East Side’ of Brussels. With a duck pond in the middle and people lounging in the grass everywhere, it was the perfect place to relax and forget about work.

6:00pm: Time to follow your nose. Brussels has every kind of cuisine you could desire, but if you are looking to try something uniquely Belgian then make sure to order the ‘Mussels in Brussels’. It is a huge steaming pot of mussels with a bowl of chips on the side. The odd combination satisfies every craving you could have and leaves you with just enough room for a waffle dessert.

7:30pm: After a full day, trust me you will want to take a nap. Rest your legs and recharge because you will need all your energy for the night ahead.

10:00pm: After a shower and some primping, it is time to go out. Head to the bars first where you can find the amazing Belgian beers and good company. Although there can be many tourists, at the right bars you can meet locals who are willing to invite you out for the rest of the night and show you hot places to go. Make sure you head over to the bar Delirium. With over 300 beers, most of which are 10.5% or higher, it is a great starter to your night.

12:30pm: At this point you will be in the mood to dance. This is when everyone moves on to the clubs. The best club nights are Thursday to Saturday where clubs stay open until 7am. For electro tunes to techno pop remixes, there is something for everyone.

7:00am: With sore feet and chips in hand, you stumble home and fall into a peaceful sleep. And in a few short hours, it all begins again.

Brussels is a city filled with stunning sights, friendly people, delicious food and unbelievable nightlife. Belgians know their beers, chocolates and clubs. Make sure at some point before you are thirty you make it to Brussels because it is the only time where, as tourists, our waistlines and livers can handle the Belgian lifestyle.


Images courtesy of Ruoting Tao and sourced from Pinterest.