Holiday Highlights: Murter, Croatia

In the past two years or so, the rate of tourists packing their bags and flying toward the beautiful rocky beaches and tall pine trees of Croatia has skyrocketed. The blue skied country has moved from almost criminally underrated to crawling with college students craving a good time and retired couples in their 60’s alike.

Having been to the country multiple times before as a child, I knew that whilst re-visiting I needed to make an effort to experience all that Croatia had to offer. Although the capital Zagreb, and the very popular city of Split are undeniably lovely and filled to the brim with activity, I decided to visit the small island of Murter with four friends.

The island itself contains multiple settlements, including the towns of Betina, Jezera, Tisno, and the appropriately named Murter itself. Though I chose to stay in the town of Murter, the size of the island allows for almost inane proximity between towns. It becomes very easy to bounce back and forth with ease, and often times my day would consist of a breakfast in Betina, beach day in Murter, and nightclub in Tisno.

Upon arrival, my friends and I drank white wine outside of our gorgeous sea-side apartment. As we watched the sun set upon a marina that sat in the near distance, and the multiple flags that hung from the masts as they brushed against one another in the ocean breeze, we knew we were somewhere special.

In a population census of 2011 Murter was reported as having some 5,138 inhabitants, creating an archetypal hometown feel among all the residents. Everybody knows everybody. In this way, Murter provides some element of pristine quiet and comfort, as it is filled with familial ties among local residents.

Despite this, Murter is innately lively, providing live music in town squares, various festivals, and numerous nightclubs and bars.
 During the day-time there is also an infinite list of activities to satisfy a tourist’s every need. Boat tours taking visitors and locals through the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea make for an excellent day of beach-hopping and swimming.

The close waterfalls of Krka provide a great way to spend an afternoon if you fancy swimming in a lake or learning about various ancient crafting traditions in tourist centres. There are various hiking trails and hills practically asking to be climbed all over the island, providing gorgeous and breath-taking views of the engraved Adriatic island.

Luckily for anyone interested, Croatia is a relatively cheap country to fly to and travel within, especially during the summertime! Get planning now, because you certainly do not want to miss out on this wonderful place, whether you stay in its bustling cities or calm and familial towns.

Happy travels!