How to Survive a Plane Ride

“Focus on the journey, not the destination.” – Greg Anderson

I, personally, love airplane rides. Once you take off, your mind is suddenly in an unpopulated place, free to go in any direction, rising and rising further into the tranquility of space with each breath. My friends unanimously hate plane rides and make a weak case that they are “just plain horrible.”  I am writing this article to give you some tips on how to have a “not so horrible” journey.

Your survival rate on a plane ride is largely determined by your clothing choices. The decision of what to wear on planes is a surprisingly important one. Sitting on a plane squished between strangers, listening to babies weep is uncomfortable enough and adding to that discomfort with stiff leather pants or an itchy wool sweater is unnecessary.77c09b8bae4cfa1d2eb732e4c921da06

Don’t wear tight clothes because they restrict blood flow.

Don’t wear anything offensive because if the person next to you objects, you’re stuck.

Don’t wear warm clothing thinking the flight will be freezing. Wear several layers because you might sweat in something chunky and become even colder.

Don’t wear restrictive shoes. Obviously heels will probably make you miserable and dress shoes are not easy to rush to the gate in.165cbc8c9e14dee5f3594ba9a902eac0

Don’t wear perfume or cologne. Odors are intensified in the repeatedly circulated air on flights.

Don’t eat nothing. Don’t eat too much. The last thing you want is to feel nauseous. Bring your own snacks, and chewing gum, as it helps your body regulate the air pressure at high altitudes and will keep you from eating too much plane food.

Some flights pass by in the blink of an eye, but unfortunately, many drag on and on. Supply your own entertainment. Don’t rely on the television and movies they provide. The flight attendants constantly interrupt them, and you might not find something you would enjoy to watch. Plan ahead and download movies on your laptop and make sure your electronics are fully charged. Or skip the technology altogether and read a book, or simply stare out the window listening to music.37c9a8af3857d5a4548a432936d3d47c

Take advantage of the flight to talk to people who look intriguing to you. The thrill of chance encounters makes the airport visit electrifying and endlessly interesting. It would be a waste of time to stay silent during this time – you have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds. Everyone loves the “Humans of New York” series and its numerous variations, so why not take on the role of interviewer and learn about others’ undoubtedly fascinating lives. I have made several friends from all over the world at airports, and I think back on the time I spent with them extremely fondly.

Treat the plane ride as a part of the trip you are so excitedly anticipating and look at everyone around you as you would in a new place – with curiosity and compassion. The real voyage is not in seeing new landscapes, but in seeing other lives.

Images sourced from Pinterest