Mastering the Art of Camp America

If you are ever unsure about what to do with your summer, take a moment to consider this: Camp America. An international company that places willing staff at summer camps all over the U.S.A. Camp America will find you an 8-week placement which includes room and board, walk you through your visa, organise your flights and handle any problems or issues you have before, during and after your time overseas. I can answer your skeptical questions you might have now. Don’t think you can afford it? With low upfront costs, that you can actually earn back in your ‘pocket money’ salary, it is an incredibly cheap way to travel. Don’t think you have the time or energy to sort it out? The application form is online, quick, and Camp America does the rest for you. Don’t think it’ll be fun? Well, I’ve done it twice, and am still craving to go back for another summer.


Internships are for boring people. Getting coffee and making photocopies for people who know you are there to laboriously exploit does not do as many favours for your CV as you might think. Camp America shows initiative, leadership skills, an ability to step out of your comfort zone and proves that you are not afraid of good and straight up, hard work. After mastering the ability to entertain, discipline and account for the safety of 10 children for 8 weeks, neither deadlines nor eternal destruction will ever phase you again!13681043_10210855260444355_2649666109230397308_n

Your Instagram will thank you as you indulge in one of the greatest adventures of your lifetime. Even Bieber’s most catchy chorus cannot drown out the ‘this is a repeat after me song…I SAIDDD THIS IS A REPEAT AFTER ME SONG’ circling in your head. And everyone looks better with a tan, trust me. Camp is the kind of simple life that travel quotes on Pinterest are made for. And the pictures of the great lakes, trees, and scenery make up your ‘wanderlust’ inspiration boards, so go live your Pinterest dream!14034766_10210959268444490_3041378374316077693_n

How about the people you meet? The thought of saying ‘camp friends are for life’ might be cringey, but people you meet at camp are unforgettable. You come from different towns, countries, jobs, universities, lives- but you have two basic things in common, you (a) like to travel and (b) like to goof around. The fun is all that matters. They hug you when you miss your family, wipe your tears when you’re struggling, always have your back in a fiercely competitive game of capture the flag, or counsellor vs. camper dodgeball and never, EVER judge you for eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting. They also know what you really look like at 5am with no sleep and no makeup. You cannot hide anything from them, especially the bar of cadbury’s your mum sent you. And when the goodbyes hurt this much, you know that these people are really something special.11059611_10207633124252964_4239808175305981846_n

Are you convinced yet? You should be. The best summer of your life is in reach.


Images courtesy of the author.