Spring Break Facebook Album: Dos and Don’ts

Now that we’re all back from #SpringBreak2014 and (hopefully) coursework is finished, it’s time for you to shove it in everyone’s face that your break was so much better than theirs with the perfect Facebook album.  You already decimated your Instagram competition while on the trip with some well-chosen food porn snaps and landscapes with tasteful filters (Mayfair.  Always Mayfair.).  But now it’s time to get real with a full album. NO ONE Europe’d harder than you (Maybe you didn’t even go to Europe.  No, you were riding camels in the desert SO TAKE THAT, BASICS).  Your pictures encapsulate what it’s like to be a carefree wandering spirit who has #spontaneous adventures. You have sunset pictures that MAKE YOUR HEART HURT they are so poetic.  No one has ever posed the way you have by those Amsterdam letters.  No one has ever captured the majesty of the Eiffel Tower the way you and your iPhone did.   But no one will see all this if you give your album a TOTALLY LAME title.  That’s why I’m here to help with my definitive guide to naming your baby.


Album Titles to Avoid (Unless You’re Basic)

Not all who wander are lost


Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go to _________

bAd BItchEz oN tOuR


The Good Life

City of Lights (Paris only)


Another Spring Break Album (You just shared 50 pictures all about you.  It’s a little late for self-deprecation.)

Puns of any kind

Roma/Firenze/Italia/Any city or country in the native language



Great Album Titles Taken From Kanye West Songs

Out in Europe, Spendin’ Euros

Police Escorts, Everybody Passports

Hurry Up With My Damn Croissants (France-specific)

How You Gonna Be Mad On Vacation?


Album Titles That Keep It Real

It Looks Like We’re All Friends But We Argued the Entire Time

Amsterdam: We All Know I’m Not Just Here for the ‘Art’ and ‘Culture’

Ryanair’s Luggage Restrictions Really Screwed Over My Wardrobe Options

After Three Days All the Art Started to Look the Same

Skip the First Thirty Pics They’re Just Scenery

This Hostel Looked Way Less Ratchet On the Website

I Think the Locals Are Mocking My Feeble Attempts to Speak the Language

I’m Not Coming Back Until I’m Really Rich

Oh Wow Yet Another Painting of Jesus

Turns Out Three Years of High School Spanish Aren’t Actually That Helpful

No Seriously We’re Lucky We Weren’t Kidnapped By a Slavery Ring at This Hostel

Spring Breaking My Spirit

Never Leaving My House Again

Image sourced from Pinterest.