Ten Things to Do in New York

With Taylor Swift blaring out of my headphones, I arrived in the city that doesn’t sleep. Rather fittingly, I hadn’t slept. An eight hour bus drive from Virginia, with the person sitting next to you snoring unnecessarily loudly, is not a recipe for relaxation. But, undeterred, I set about trying to cram as many experiences as possible into one weekend in the Big Apple. Here are my top ten suggestions for a trip to NYC!

1. Step off the Beaten Track


Head to 2nd and 36th street, and tucked away up a seemingly dowdy flight of stairs is a world of pure ‘Cookie Do‘ dreams. Tubs cost $10-15 dollars but if you are a cookie dough addict like myself it is definitely worth it. You can choose from a range of flavours from smores to the classic version, and even the packaging is beautiful.

2. Find that free wifi10

If you don’t have an international phone plan, it can be hard to navigate a new city without racking up ridiculous bills. And New Yorkers are notoriously reluctant to help you out. This is when having a Starbucks on every corner comes in handy. Just hover outside to tap into the free wifi, enter your your coordinates and head on your way.


3. Take the High Line5

Especially beautiful in Cherry blossom season, the High Line is a linear park built along a repurposed railway line. The walking route will take you all the way down to Chelsea, making a delightful open air alternative to the subway.

4. Shaved Ice for Days


Fed up of frozen yogurt? Irritated by ice cream? Head to Snowdays Shavery for something different. Inspired by the popular Taiwanese desert of shaved ice, shavings from an ice cream block are combined with your favourite toppings to create a tasty treat. My recommended combination would be Matcha flavoured ice with Mochi bites.

5. Made in Chelsea Market6

If you like trying new food be sure to visit Chelsea Market. Try all the free samples in the market building then head over the road to Black Tap to sample their spectacular milkshakes, topped with cake, cookies and sprinkles. 

6. Curated by Christies


Forget The Met, The Guggenheim and The MOMA and head to Christies instead. The exhibits’ curation is so much more imaginative than your average art gallery, with something exciting at every turn. Not only is it free, but many of the works have never been on public display before. Your visit will be accompanied by a perfect classical soundtrack, and if you are lucky, a glass of bubbly too.

7. Tickets from Tkts7

A trip to NYC would not be complete without a Broadway show. But be sure not to pay full price for your tickets. If you have the time to stand in a queue, you can get get half price tickets from the Tkts booth in Times Square. Queuing starts about an hour before opening, so be sure to arrive in good time.

8. Tenement Museum8

The Tenement Museum is a must visit if you are interested in the city’s history. You will be toured around a reconstructed home by a character from the building’s past. Tickets can be bought at the door or booked online in advance. With several tour choices, you can make several visits and get a different experience each time.

9. Pizza for a Dollar


You can’t leave New York without trying their famous dollar pizza. The stores are fairly easy to find and are spread all throughout the city. If its not too cold, find a park to sit in and enjoy your pizza al fresco.

10. Acai Bowls 


After the inevitable sugar high of all the culinary delights the Big Apple has to offer, cleanse and restore your body with an acai bowl. Juice Generation make some great ones. It makes a perfect option for a filling and healthy breakfast, perfect before catching your flight (or bus) home. 

Images courtesy of the author.

Cover Image courtesy of John Carle.