How to throw a dinner party

If you have managed to reach your fourth year at St Andrews and still not attended a dinner party, then you are an anomaly. The most common form of entertainment in this town, the humble dinner party comes in many forms: potluck, dress-up, restaurant, and my favourite with huge letters BYOB. Us Owl Eyes editors are shameless dinner party fanatics. We thought as a helpful hand to all the would-be hosts out there we’d let you in one some of the secrets of our most recent dinner party.

FS: The full story

This is the most unusual review I have ever written. I have reviewed FS for 3 years now, I know what FS is capable of and I know what St Andrews expects of them. Last Saturday, the ultimate anti-climax  occurred (at least in the fours years I have been here). FS was forced to cancel its infamous fashion show. The stories have been blowing all over St Andrews (excuse the pun) but just in case this issue passed you by, the FS marquee had to be evacuated of all staff and committee members as the Scottish wind refused to relent.

SOLD: A Tale Beyond Survival

In a cosy university town, imagining a world where domestic and sexual slavery takes the place of education and where children are forced into adulthood, is not easy to comprehend. It is something that spreads beyond this town. Only 8% of the UK population are aware of the ongoing issue of slavery in the world today.

5 things to do before Revision blues set in

For those luckily enough to find themselves with a weekend breather with deadlines and exam revision yet to set in, you might, like me, feel at a loss as with what to do with yourself. Should I stay in bed ad watch Netflix all day? Or should I get out and try to get as much fresh air as possible before being confined to the library? To help you plan your weekend for maximum fun and distressing, here are our top 5 things to do in this no-man’s land weekend.

St. Andrews for Syria: A heartwarming collaboration

Syria is one of the ‘biggest jobs in international diplomacy today’ Professor Hinnebusch proclaims. Chairing the St. Andrews for Syria panel discussion last Friday, the professor of IR and head of the Syrian Centre in St Andrews provided an insightful introduction to the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today. It is easy to sit back and think that this is something that doesn’t affect us, but it has created waves throughout the world, most notably in the refugee crisis.

Welly Ball: Reviewed

The most unusual of dress codes in the most standard of St. Andrew’s settings. In my fourth year I couldn’t resist the one last time to give my social life some welly, at Welly Ball. Welly ball holds a warm place in my heart. Comfy shoes, a sparkly Kinkell and copious amounts of students (who aren’t all from St Andrew’s), what’s not to love? Even better is the fact that the Welly Ball proceeds go to supports the mental health charity Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. A charity that aims to educate on the topic of mental wellbeing, in particular, warning signs of depression. This is an important cause for all students to pay special attention to.

Concrete Catwalk: Darker Nights Reviewed

It might be a case of watching a little too much Gossip Girl in my library breaks, but in the last few weeks I have been itching for the opportunity for a proper dress up. To don a pair of heels and an outfit that would fit in at neither a ball or the union. An outfit I could lift straight from Vogue and walk around St Andrews without a hint of overdressed embarrassment. Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Darker Nights’ provided the ideal opportunity for just that. On entering The Adamson, I found myself surrounded with a crowd of fellow fashion obsessives who not only embraced my Manrepeller outfit, but complimented it. And all with a cocktail in hand.

What to Wear: Welly Ball

Its time to scrub the mud of your wellies and give them a lease of life beyond walking the dogs. It’s Welly Ball! That magical time of year when we actually get to wear footwear suited to Kinkell Byre.

A little Halloween-y inspiration

The spookiest night of the year is upon us! However, if you are anything like me you are staring at your wardrobe in dismay, racking you brain as to what to be for Halloween this year. Well whether you’re looking for witty, sexy or scary, here are a few of our favourite costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

What to do this Green Week

Green Week has begun! Part of a national week of action on climate change, engaging people in the local community through a week of activities, there is something for every student looking to find a way to make the world a litter greener.