Mastering the Art of Airbnb

Spring Break is imminent and summer’s wide expanse is very nearly tangible, so we turn to our most-beloved budget travel site – Airbnb. Airbnb, for those of you who have been living under a rock (or for those of you who have a pre-paid suite at every Hilton on the continent) is a website where home owners rent out their houses to travellers and holiday-makers, usually for a fraction of the price of the average hotel room.

Mastering the Art of travelling with Allergies

As someone who has been cursed with a borderline ridiculous amount of allergies, I’ve now decided to live in a constant state of denial about them and have, in effect, stopped preparing for the fact that I may die at any moment. I am aware however, that this probably isn’t the best course of action to take while travelling, so I’ve compiled a list of the things you should do if you’re like me and are predisposed to death whenever your surroundings change.

Cooking For A Season In The Alps

A season: the perfect ‘Chalet Girl’ perfect lifestyle, i.e. working for ridiculously good looking clients who spend about two weekends in five months in their chalet. Dom Perignon, hot tubs, and caviar for breakfast, carefully prepared in a kitchen fit for the Queen. The height of luxury? The reality: waking up at 6.30am after a 4.00am scramble to bed, arrive at your distinctly lower-than-average chalet with a kitchen the size of an airing cupboard to serve breakfast to some screaming children and their oh-so-fussy parents. Prepare yourself for a barrage of complaints,"the loo overflowed – clean it up." Oh joy.

Disaster Kitchen

Many students in St. Andrews take pride in their dinner parties, spending hours creating the perfect meal. This can be a stressful undertaking for those who love entertaining but are inexperienced in the kitchen. So, my friend Anna and I began filming a cooking show based on teaching these individuals how to create delicious yet simple food for their friends. What we envisioned would be an insightful guide to throwing fabulous dinner parties, actually turned into a documentation of my ridiculous culinary mishaps.