Wemyss & Other Wares

Having never visited the St Andrews Museum before, I was intrigued to find out what was inside when I visited the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition. The St Andrews Museum is the large imposing Victorian mansion you see on the way to the North Haugh, opposite the tennis courts and bowls lawn. Inside, there is a café with a permanent collection on the ground floor, and upstairs is home to the Wemyss and Other Wares exhibition, organised by the Museum and Gallery Studies students.The exhibition is a showcase of nineteenth and twentieth century pottery from four of Kirkcaldy’s potteries, including the famous Wemyss Ware, notably favoured by Elton John and Prince Charles.

Break From The Bubble: Dundee Contemporary Arts

Everyone needs to escape from St Andrews every once in a while; my latest retreat was to the cinema at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. It was only a few weeks ago that I came across the DCA, when two friends and I were desperate to see a film outside St Andrews. It was the only place in the area showing Albatross, a slightly obscure film we had set our hearts on, so we embarked across the Tay Bridge in search of it.