The School of International Relations ball is taking place this weekend, on Saturday the 20th April, and promises a night of fun for all, not just IR students. The inaugural ball for this faculty in St Andrews, and having started with a minuscule budget, the IR president and committee began with the idea of a global ball to celebrate the international nature of… well… International Relations, and the result of their hard efforts is the Around The World In 80 Days theme. Celebrating Jules Verne’s global novel as well as the diversity of the department’s interests & specialties, the ball pledges to be a night of fun for all.


DRA Ball, typically the largest of the hall balls with a huge budget, took place last weekend on Lower College Lawn, bringing the first of the more typical black-tie events for second semester. With free sweets upon entry and huge resident/non-resident ticket sales, anticipation built for a party that famously (verging on infamously) promises good music and good times. The tent was decorated almost as if you were looking through a blue Pablo, and the Atlantis-esque theme with Grecian statues proved understated decoration – after all, you never want to go too overboard on a zany theme for a standard black-tie ball.

Oz Ball: A Night in the Emerald City

Hosted and organized by the Dance Society, Saturday night’s Oz Ball did not fail to impress. I was not quite sure what to expect as I donned my sea-green dress and gold heels and made my way to Younger Hall—I have had very little involvement with Dance Soc, aside from knowing a few people on the dance teams. However, as I treated myself to a heaping cone of free Janettas and set off to explore the venue, I quickly realized that the Dance Soc members are event-organizing veterans, and know exactly what makes a good time.

DRA/FP Ball Reviewed

Being handed a drink and a lei upon walking into a ball is always a good sign. For the David Russel Apartments and Fife Park’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ball, that was only the start of a fantastic night. The organisers included staple features like Jannettas Ice Cream and great decor, while incorporating unique ideas such as shisha, glitter tattoos, and leis: a flawless mix for a night to remember.

Oz Ball Preview

Looking to escape the Bubble? Take a trip to Emerald City on February 27th with Dance Soc’s Oz Ball! Beginning at 8:30pm at Younger Hall, guests can take a break from the lull of student life with the Wizard of Oz themed ball, whose low ticket price of ₤15 makes it easily one of the best values in St Andrews, and includes discounted entry (₤1) to The Vic for the After Oz Party.

Carnival Ball 2014: Reviewed

Last night’s Carnival Ball organised by the Dance Society and the fearless ball convenors Rebecca Ameson and Sanna Sartori, was a veritable success. Themed after the famous Carnevale di Venezia, the much-anticpiated ball promised a night of Venetian masks, free ice cream, and of course, endless dancing. (Preview here!)

An Interview with Blas Tomic: Why Travel to Chile?

What motivates you to travel to a certain destination? Having grown up in Chile, I have always been amused by how others view Chile as a tourist destination. What draws them in? The Pisco sours, outdoor activities or the empanadas? To this end I interviewed Blas Tomic, the executive director of the Fundación Imagen Chile, for which he promotes Chile internationally. As president of VTR (a telecommunications company) Tomic has played a key role in the modernization of Chile; pioneering broadband in Latin America and later playing a key role modernizing the Metro and bus systems in Chile.

A Wanderer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

When my editor asked me to write an article for Valentine’s Day my first two thoughts were: how do I make this non cringe-inducing and after a lot of thought, that in the end it inevitably would be. I was also reminded of the first article I wrote for Owl Eyes about a love letter a friend and I found in Mitchell’s Deli on Market Street. The letter was short and beautifully simple – “If you are reading this then you are directly linked to the moment I decided A was incredible, amazing and worth keeping. I’ll let you know how it goes, x T”. With this in mind I decided to write an article about spending Valentine’s Day in and around our little old town – no need to jet off to Paris here!

Easy Peasy Piadina

Cesinatico is one of many bustling beachside towns in Italy’s gastronomic capital Emilia Romagna. Packed with beach clubs, restaurants, and discotheques, it is the ideal spot for Italians during their August vacation. During my short stay there, I sampled many of the regions classics; spaghetti with mussels and clams, various charcuteries and my favourite, Piadina. This soft, hearty flatbread is to Emilia Romagna as a baguette is to France. It can be served as sandwich bread with cured meats and cheeses, or simply on its own. Try pairing it with salami picante, pecorino and pickled artichoke hearts.