Don’t Walk: At the top of their game

From the first teasers of this year DONT WALK had my attention. Having attended the show in the past, I was familiar with the previous performances and thought that I had a general idea of what to expect.  Upon entering the gates of Cambo Estate the excitement and suspense of what was to come of the night was very much notable amongst guests. In fact, this year DONT WALK has bought both suspense and excitement to the St Andrews social calendar through the advertising of their rebranding and relocation of the annual event.

Snowdrops by Starlight

Just a fifteen-minute drive from St Andrews is Cambo Estate, famous for its snowdrops that carpet the acres of woodland every spring. For this week only, the gardens are open in the evenings to visitors who want to see them lit up under the moonlight. As someone who knows very little about snowdrops, or gardens for that matter, even I am tempted to drop by and wander through the fairy lit paths. The walk takes about an hour and you can even get a cup of tea in the Snowdrop Tea Room at the end of the evening. What could be a nicer way to spend a weekday night?