5 things to do before Revision blues set in

For those luckily enough to find themselves with a weekend breather with deadlines and exam revision yet to set in, you might, like me, feel at a loss as with what to do with yourself. Should I stay in bed ad watch Netflix all day? Or should I get out and try to get as much fresh air as possible before being confined to the library? To help you plan your weekend for maximum fun and distressing, here are our top 5 things to do in this no-man’s land weekend.

Ceilidh in the Castle Reviewed

As a Highlander, I have never been one to say no to a ceilidh and the Ceilidh in the Castle was not an event I was likely to miss. The mid-week weather forecast threatened the end of the gloriously sunny weather and thus the outdoor location of this event. The backup venue, the Boys Brigade hall, is perfectly adequate but would not have been able to accommodate the 330 ticket-purchasers who would have been sorely disappointed with a humdrum hall when they were promised historic castle ruins. Fortunately, the grey skies cleared to give way to bright blue and the event proceeded as planned.

St Andrews’ Day Celebrations Preview

The St Andrews Ball is just a few days away but the celebration doesn’t end on Friday. In fact, the ball, put on by the Fellowship of St Andrews, kicks off an entire weekend of festivities that celebrate our town. Annie Newman sat down with us to chat about the Fellowship’s involvement and the exciting events coming up.

Ceilidh in the Castle: Reviewed

The Ceilidh in the Castle has always been one of my favorite St Andrews traditions. Even with the formal balls, the fancy dress parties, and everything else our social calendar has to offer, ceilidhs, and this ceilidh in particular, will always occupy a special place in my memory of this town and this university. For lack of a better word, it’s just incredibly cool. This might be my international student naïveté talking, but having come from rural Maine where my exposure to ceilidhs and castles is understandably limited, I think this event is pretty remarkable. The times I casually got to go learn how to dance in the ruins of a medieval castle by the sea? That’s one for the grandkids.