New York In Photographs

As I’m not always the best with words I found myself completely stuck for ideas about what to write about New York. It’s such a well-known place. Everyone knows what New York is like, or at least has an idea of what it’s like from the hundreds of films and tv shows set there! Plus, there will be tons of students here who know New York waaaay better than I do, or could ever, being native New Yorkers themselves. I really just didn’t think I’d be able to write anything new. Instead, here are some of the photos I took from my trip that sum up the experience I had in the wonderful city.

Tastes of Calabria

Have you ever been to Italy? Probably. Have you ever been to Calabria? Probably not. But here’s why you should.

To Rome With Love

For the seasoned tourist, a trip to Rome can become contrived if the itinerary centres solely around the Colosseum and the Vatican, producing a ridiculous number of pictures with sweaty costumed gladiators and hours spent hacking through the crowds in the gift shop avoiding sticky-handed children with gelato. But with only a little research needed, it is possible to discover how to calmly enjoy the often-ignored pockets of cultural interest that truly colour the city. 

Pasta La Vista Baby

For me, digging into a bowl of hot, homemade pasta, is just as delightful as spending a day in my pyjamas watching Gilmore Girls. Needless to say, Italian cuisine is one of my guilty pleasures. During my trip to Rome at the end of summer, I decided to spend my days making my own pasta in varying shapes, colours and sizes. Much to my mother’s amusement, my shopping list requests revolved around bags of Tipo 00 flour and multiple boxes of eggs – what else would an intrepid pasta enthusiast need? Although the process of making fresh pasta is a little messy and a fair bit sticky, the satisfaction of eating homemade pappardelle is definitely worth a flour explosion!

A Roman Education

Last summer I visited Rome for the first time and was completely captivated by it. As a French and Latin student, I was drawn to both the flamboyance of the Italian language and of course, the overwhelming history of the city. This September, I chose to spend twelve intensive days learning about the Classical world in the heart of its capital, on a undergraduate summer school run by the British School at Rome.