Antigone: Reviewed

Mermaids’ production of Antigone, directed by Greta Kelly and Lorna Govan, is a well thought-through reading of the famous Greek tragedy. The direction was faithful to the text and successfully conveyed Sophocles’ adaptation of the ancient myth, thanks to striking performances from the entire cast. This same faithfulness to the text, however, fails to make the themes of the tragedy relevant to a contemporary audience, which ultimately undermines the power of the production.

Coffee Table Classics: Impressive and Effortless Books to Name-drop at Your Next Party

I understand that everyone reading this won’t be an English Literature student, and that for most reading is far less important than, say, their jobs (pesky, pesky jobs.) Allow me, the girl who has done an extensive amount of legwork in this area, to inform you of the classics that are actually a pleasure to read. Not all of us want to scour our way through War and Peace in the original Russian (hollah my mother,) so here are some lovely and easy-to-read options for your morning commute. And then casually talk about with your parents and/ or elderly relatives over slightly distasteful glasses of wine.

Reassessing the Classics: Catullus

You don’t really expect gangster rap from Latin love poetry. But it exists. Beneath the formal words, there are poems that would make Tupac blush if you know where to look. Imagine a collection with poetry so filthy that scholars don’t dare translate it fully in English until the end of the 20th century. That’s Catullus.