Travelling for Culture: Hannah Höch’s Artwork

St Andrews is a creative town, but this spring break I found that going beyond what the bubble has to offer can be a rewarding experience. Hitting some of the most culturally exciting cities, London and Paris, I found some riveting forms of art that had been previously unknown to me. Though I managed to knock off art galleries from a list like dominoes, hitting the V&A, Tate, L’Orangerie, Palais de Tokyo, and the Louvre among others, one gallery really stood out to me. Travelling down to London by train, I took the tube to stay at a friend of a friend’s dorm. The London Tube does a fantastic job to advertise art galleries and other cultural events that are happening in the city. I continued to pass one huge poster in particular from the Whitechapel Gallery announcing their new exhibition of the collected art works of the German collage artist Hannah Höch. With excerpts from reviews naming it the “must see show of the year” and “art’s original punk” from the Evening Standard and The Guardian, my friend and I decided to go there the next day.

On The Rocks: Mirth, Wind and Fire

I arrived at Blind Mirth's On the Rocks event completely sober and under the influence of no drugs or substances whatsoever. This was a new experience for me, and in retrospect not one I regret in the slightest.