Rise Of The Kindle, Death Of The Book?

I write this article rather begrudgingly, because I know what the conclusion will be and I don’t want to accept it. As I don’t own a Kindle and never will do (you may hold me to that) I therefore present a very one sided argument, and stand by the principle that I will continue to purchase actual books even if I’m the only one left buying them. I am willing to accept the physical trials and tribulations which are presented through refusing to yield to the ever more dominant power of the Kindle, meaning cutting down my holiday packing to simply clean underwear if I have to.  I will continue to traipse round bookshops all over the country and will delight in buying a book simply for its cover. Most of all, I will savour the weight, smell and feel of a book, and relish the ability to pick it up and put it down without losing my place, only to come back to it years later. Most of all, being able to turn a physical page.

Reading List: Countryside Literature

If you’ve ever pictured yourself living a life out of Country Living magazine, then this reading list is for you. Country-lit is the literary equivalent of a cup of tea and a hot buttered crumpet on a cold autumnal day. Unlike chick-lit, it is funnier, better written and doesn’t leave you feeling embarrassed when you’re intellectually-smug friend comes over and says, “You’re not actually reading this… are you?” Here are Owl Eyes’ hand-picked selection of our favourite country-lit books…