Art in Copenhagen

Those who do not enjoy looking at art are difficult to win over. Though an art museum may seem confining to some, I would recommend roaming through the bustling crowds of art museums in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you get there, do not let your imagination be bound by the walls and halls of the galleries – art allows you to immerse yourself in the mind of another, in different times and cultures. When traveling, visiting art museums is a wonderful way to see through the window of a culture’s past. You can wander through the rows of paintings or sculpture and take on the guise of different characters, imagining what was going on in the artists’ heads. Not solely the symphony of blues or radiant yellow hues on canvas, art is replete with psychological complexity. Copenhagen art museums, I have found, are exceptionally curated, arranged in ways that allow you to observe, reflect, and give you the freedom to delve into sublimity and varied human responses.

We’ll Always Have Copenhagen

Denmark’s most famous female looks out onto the waters of Copenhagen wistfully, head bowed, eyes solemn. She gazes out to sea, but her body – half human, half mer-person – would rather be back on land. She has a decision to make. I am staring at the postcard of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid that I bought at the airport before my flight home, back to London, with the same mournful sense of sadness.