Food Combos: Vegetarian Edition

Here’s the second take from our collection, food combos! Our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Combo articles give you the three most important meals of the day with a twist! Try them separately or all together, these combos help you find great veggie dining for any time of day.

The Kilt

I thought long and hard about whether to address this item of clothing for this week’s trend watch. However, I can’t deny it any longer – I have succumbed to the wiles of the kilt.

Top 5: Scottish Lochs

Lochs (n.b. not pronounced locks) should most definitely be on every Scottish Wanderer’s bucket list. If you’re blessed with fewer deadlines this half of the semester why not take a break from the beach to enjoy some alternative bonnie Scottish scenery. Or if those essays are still getting you down, just take your work on the road to a study setting even more stunning than St Mary’s Quad…

Coffee in Crail?

I know what you’re thinking – why would I go to Crail for a coffee when I can go to Taste/Starbucks/Costa/Beanscene/Bibi’s just five minutes from my house. Well, you can only understand if you’ve done it. And trust me, it’s worth it.

Rockness vs RocknRio

In November, whilst braving the wintry weather amidst an onslaught of deadlines, summer can seem like a lifetime ago. Yet, as I procrastinate the hours away, scrolling through Spotify, I can’t help but let my mind wander back to the blurry nights of summer music festivals. Whether it was watching Biffy Clyro play from a Ferris wheel against a backdrop of Loch Ness or going a little crazy with the crowds of Red Hot Chilli Pepper fans in Madrid, the summer festival is the perfect antidote to a year of slogging over books in the library. Indeed, the only thing keeping me going through this pain of essay-writing is the consoling thought that in a few short months the line-ups for summer 2013 will be released. And then there’ll be the all-important decision of which one(s) to go to. In the past, it would’ve been no contest for me; UK all the way. However, having now had a taste of what the rest of Europe has to offer, I’m inclined to look to the less muddy options over the Channel.

Hometown Highlights: Inverness

Passing away my teenage years in the Highland tourist trap of Inverness, my friends and I had to be inventive in how we spent our homework-free weeknights. Back to visit friends a few months ago, I noticed some new and old delights perfect for the wandering St Andrews student, whether they’re searching for the ultimate explorers break or the very alternative party town of the North – I say this with a hint of skepticism in my voice.

Oat Cuisine

I love my porridge. A nice hot bowl of creamy, oaty goodness, a mug of coffee and an episode of Frasier is all that stops me hurling myself out the window every morning at the thought of another day chipping away at my 100,000 deadlines.

Mountain Bothies

Scottish mountain bothies are small stone shelters dotted around Scotland that are free and open to use for anyone at anytime. They were originally used by agricultural workers during the summer months, but now lie abandoned across the Scottish countryside. Whilst there is a big community for wild camping in Scotland, in the colder months, a more stable and wind sheltered environment may be more welcome for your St Andrews mini breaks.