Top Five Cuts of Lamb

As we all rush off to various parts of the globe (or the library) for spring break, I encourage you to experiment with spring’s best meat: lamb. It’s just about to come into season, when it will be at its best quality and most friendly price.  Though this list does include the classics, I enncourage you to try a technique other than roasting when you find the right cut.

Top 5 Independent Food Shops in St Andrews

With a new Sainsbury's Local opening in St Andrews in time for summer, it is important to remember the many independent food retailers that fill the town. Although their products can be slightly more expensive than supermarket alternatives, it’s easy to forgive this when you realise the quality of the produce, the range and the advice the retailers have to offer. Here is a list of my top five independent food shops to persuade you to put down the Tesco basket and try something local.