Blendworks Gin School: Reviewed

At the beginning of the semester, Owl Eyes was invited by Eden Mill to try out their Blendworks Gin School Experience, located just behind the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel. Walking down North Street, we were intrigued: how involved would we be in the actual process of gin-blending? Would the final product actually be any good? And most importantly, would we even remember any of this after two-and-a-half hours of incessant sipping?

Playing Buckaroo in Zimbabwe

“You better take these for Zim”, my father joked, thrusting a wad of US dollar bills into my hand as I left for the airport. Following the collapse of their own currency, the Benjamin Franklin is king in Zimbabwe. The spiralling decline of Zimbabwe from bread basket of Africa to the continent’s basket case has been widely reported. It was therefore unsurprising that my parents were more than a little wary of my escapades last summer.